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Pathaan's Global Sunset

July 2004

Altura Music [ALTURACD2]

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Pathaan's Global Sunset ALTURACD2 Tracklisting:
1. Massive Attack – Karma Coma (Napoli Trip Mix)
2. Manish Vyas - Ishq (Cheb I Sabbah’s Delhi Masjid
3. Orchestral World Groove – Didjeridub
4. Fragile State - Four-Four-Four
5. Chris Coco meets Afterlife - Time To Love
6. Banzai Republic feat Natasha Atlas - Love
    Throughout The World
7. Pleb - Toast Me
8. Hybrid – Marrakech
9. The 1001 Nights Project ft. Dania - Leiley
    (Transglobal Underground ‘Way Out’ Mix)
10. Ben Onono – Badagry Beach
11. Ralph Myerz - Nikita
12. Souad Massi - Bel El Madhi (The Gate of the
1. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook - Shadow
    (State of Bengal Remix)
2. Stephane Malca & Omar Faruk Tekbilek - In The
3. Ustad Sultan Khan - Tarana (Thievery Corporation
4. Spy From Cairo - The Queen Dub
5. Carla Alexander - Volume
6. Karminsky Experience - Belly Disco
7. Hisham Abbas - Habibi Dah (Nari Narien)
8. Sao Benitez - State of Independence
9. Oi Va Voi - D'ror Yikra
10. The Amalgamation Of Soundz – Destiny
11. Orient Expressions – Lodos
12. Leftfield - Rino's Prayer

Global Sunset is available to buy from

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GLOBAL SUNSET is the second Altura release from DJ and Global/Electronic pioneer Pathaan. Having successfully bridged the gap between World and Electronica, Pathaan has delivered a definitive selection of warm and exotic vibes, successfully blending music with roots with music with beats.

Pathaan has always been at the forefront of the dance/world scene. Having cut his teeth at the now legendary Asian Fusionist club Swaraj that exploded out of London’s East End, Pathaan then went on to run his own label Stoned Asia Music, which produced the ground breaking STONED ASIA MUSIC night and series of compilations. Prior to that he has provided DJ support for David Bowie on tour, and evolved as a journalist (writing for DJ, Another Generation, Klub Knowledge and street mag Blowback) and formed his own musical project Orchestral World Groove with Italian producer Gaudi. With INDIAN SUNSET and GLOBAL SUNSET, Pathaan is bringing his unique sound to a whole new audience through his compilations and through his weekly ‘Eclectic Mix’ show on Ministry Of Sound Radio.

GLOBAL SUNSET includes contributions from Massive Attack, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan remixed by State of Bengal, Leftfield, Souad Massi, Hybrid, Oi Va Voi and Chris Coco meets Afterlife. The journey through the tracks is seamless, with Pathaan effortlessly guiding you through an eclectic and revelatory selection of grooves. CD1 Sunset chills you out, while CD2 Sunrise elevates and inspires. However, each CD, Sunset and Sunrise, tells its own story in the mix and cannot be classified as up-tempo or downbeat. This being Pathaan, the groove is always challenging and never clichéd. Expect the unexpected, and file under World/Electronica/Balearic/Leftfield/Fusion or just Eclectic.

"Global Sunset leaves you in no doubt.....Pathaan has the best thing a DJ can have, his own musical language. When you hear him playing or when Global Sunset flows funkily out of your speakers, there's no doubt about know this is Pathaan the Master, out there on the outer musical margins, where dub meets trance meets spiritual house...The World according to Pathaan." Max Reinhardt - Straight No Chaser, Songlines

"As all the other cds that my brother released - this is a "touch of class", definitely a cd that will be always in my case!" GAUDI -

"Real music for real people." STEVE MILLER -

"It's great to hear the chillout maestro spread his wings and incorporate lushly orchestrated soundbytes from Arabia, Africa, and beyond. Lovers of Pathaan's acclaimed Stoned Asia series will lap up this latest global addition to an increasingly impressive back catalogue of ethereal sounds." PHIL MEADLEY - The Independent

"Pathaan comes up triumphs again with a stunning mix of worldly delights. Each CD takes you on a beautiful journey, with blissful tracks - each a highpoint. This is a seriously well put together album and one which hasn't left my decks since it arrive. Gorgeous. Pathaan, I salute you". BEN MYNOTT - Fragile State/B&S

"As a correspondent I have reported on the war on terror, I have seen it's effects first hand in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bali and Iraq. Pathaan's music reminds me that there is another world, held together by amazing music, serious beats not suicide bombs. We need that universal language of music now more than ever and Pathaan is it's beat driven ambassador." IMRAN KHAN - Writer and Broadcaster

"Where can you hear an Afro-Brazilian cover of a Donna Summer track alongside a Thievery Corporation remix of one of the world's greatest Qawwali singers? Where else but in the twilight world of Pathaan as he pulls out another awesome collection of rare world, Balearic and downtempo gems from his suitcase, with plenty of surprises and oddities along the way to satisy the soul of the most hardened musical nomad. " ASH CHANDOLA - Sonik Gurus / Swaraj

"Pathaan does it again, going global with a stunning set of third and first world music that all but defies categorisation. Forget tired distinctions between 'east' and 'west', authentic versus electronic instruments or notions of tribal or religious allegiance; these two dozen tunes and instrumentals belong everywhere and if there's any justice they should make you happy at sunset and inspire you at sunrise, whether it's morning, noon or night". DAVE SWINDELLS - Timeout

"I drop the CDs into the cartridge in the car and am instantly transported through the crack between the worlds to a summer dawn or dusk in the Himalayas, when the heat and madness of the day are abated, drawn from the root chakra between my legs, all the way through my heart chakra to the crown, towards the temple of my inner nightclub, where, bounced by the beats and soothed by the voices so masterfully melded, I come to a state of peace with myself and the world - and all that with the heavy traffic on the M6 going past Birmingham!" THE BAREFOOT DOCTOR

"Pathaan is steadily building a reputation to rival the great Jose Padilla in the chill out stakes. Having debuted at the legendary Asian fusionist club Swaraj that exploded out of the East End he went on to run his own label Stoned Asian Music and DJ on tour with David Bowie. This 2 CD set (Sunset/Sunrise) seamlessly fuses world music with electronica thanks to contributions from Massive Attack, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Ben Onono. It is a true stand out amongst the sea of coffee table chill collections. Pathaan’s summer looks busy too with appearances lined up at Big Chill, The Glade Festival and The Festival Of World Music following his recent success at Glastonbury. Light up and relax!" PETE TONG - BBC Radio 1

"Beautifully compiled. Delicate songs, atmospheric soundsand international rhythms for global minds." MARTIN MORALES - Outcaste//Stimulus

"Pathaan proves once again that he is the daddy of all things chilled – an awesome collection." ALI B - London Capital Radio

"Intense exotic vibes from the master of the global muse...." PETE LAWRENCE -The Big Chill

"Global Sunset is Pathaan's personal dialect within the universal language of music and 'world electronica'. He has once again beautifully crafted the essence of ethnic vibes, this time with a global twist, which entices the attention of the soul and spirit of humanity today. Pure genius!" VINAY SHARMA -

"From sun-up to sun-down the flow circles and arrives at its destination with a big sign: It is time to love". DJ CHEB I SABBAH

"DJ Pathaan scours the globe merging contemporary & sophisticated international artists for this exotic selection of new rhythms" GLOBAL RHYTHM MAGAZINE

"With 'Indian Sunset' and 'Global Sunset', Pathaan brings his unique sound to a whole new audience through his compilations and weekly 'Eclectic Mix' show on Ministry of Sound Radio"

'Another impressive selection of old and new nuggets with that particular Pathaan flavour giving something for the head, heart and feet. Give praise!' ROB DA BANK - BBC Radio 1/Sunday Best Recordings

“Pathaan has done it again. The “Global Sunset” gives the listener a rare glimpse into the secret garden of this globetrotting wizard. The music selection is of the highest order, and pulls newcomers and purists into a dazzling array of culture; like an audio version of Baraka.” LENNY IBIZARRE

"Excellent tracks, smooth and positive for the soul." LUDOVIC RAMBAUD - Only for DJs

"Haven't stopped listening to it...its really chilled and it has the Ibiza sunset all over it.....i think that you have put together a cutting edge selection of tunes." JONATHAN ULYSSES - Ibiza SPACE resident

"Listening to Global Sunset is like buying a one-way, around-the-world ticket. Pathaan's ability to pull together deeply contrasting, yet utterly complementary, international soundscapes is - once again - unrivalled. From the die-hard electronica of Leftfield, Hybrid and Massive Attack to the ageless spirituality of the late, great Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Sultan Khan, Global Sunset demands that you book one of those really massive seats in First Class, tilt it right back and enter a world of completely cosmopolitan, transnational chill out. Sublime." ADIL RAY - BBC Asian Network, Desi DNA (BBC2)

"DJ Pathaan yet again manages to soothe the soul and uplift the spirit with a truly global collection of songs." NIHAL - BBC Radio 1

'In regards to aural selectors on the global electronic world music scene there simply is only one choice - Pathaan. He is the minister of international sounds and the new double cd compilation ''Global Sunset'' elevates you up on one cd and then gently chills you out on the other. Whilst digging deep in the musical crates of Algerian, Arabic & Indian offerings Pathaan delivers a truly exotic soundscape.' NIK WESTON - Mukatsuku

"Hyptnotic and deeply emotional." RAVIN - Buddha Bar, Paris

"While the temptation of getting out of our heads to get away from it all grows ever stronger, Pathaan invites us back to earth with the gentle assurance that things down here are not as dark as we feared. Take note of the spirit of Global Sunset. After all, it's not as if there's too much poetry in the world." SHIHAB SALM - Editor-in-Chief, Asiana Magazine

"Pathaan has proved once again that when it comes to exotic tunes and Balearic grooves, he’s the man to look up to and follow." SHAMIR 'The Baap' -

"The press release calls it eclectic, and in some ways it is, and was bound to be, given the global theme and variety of material, but eclectic also calls to mind the sort of collection where one track jars horribly with the next, and this does anything but that; each seems to ooze effortlessly in to the next, combining exotic world music with electronic beats as easily as milk and tea. Good morning, good evening, and good night..." CMU DAILY

"Another compilation split into two sections, this time CD 1 ‘Sunset’ …. Then CD 2 brings us “Sunrise”. The biggest surprise for me though was when I opened it up and out came a lovely ‘oriental spice’ smell from the cover where it is written ‘Pathaan returns with a sophisticated selection of exotic vibes and Balearic grooves from around the world’… and that is exactly what it is!" DISCOID Magazine

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