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Globetronica by Pathaan

May 2008


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Globetronica by Pathaan [PLATCD175] Tracklisting:
Room 1- Beats & D’n’Bass:
1. DJ Click - ‘Labesse’ (Dub Mix)
2. The Field - ‘The Deal’
3. Voom Voom - ‘Sao Verought’ (Marcus Worgull Mix)
4. Gaudi + Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - ‘Bethe Bethe
    Kese Kese’ (Pathaan's Heavenly Remix)
5. Nada - ‘Bamboo Dub’
6. Ursula 1000 - ‘Mirkin The Mystic’
7. Aiwa - ‘Dioud’ (Cheb I Sabbah Make Love Not
    War Remix)
8. Binder & Krieglstein – ‘Wir Wissen Nicht’
9. Eastenders – ‘Vino Vino’ (Bassface Sascha &
    Franksen Remix)
10. N.O.H.A. - ’Tu Café’ (Club Mix)
11. D-Code - ‘Tubla Ethics’
12. Visionary Underground – ‘Eye Of The Storm’
    (Shiva Soundsystem/Cloud 9 Mix)
13. The Qemists – ‘Stompbox’
Room 2 - Techy Breaks:
1. Trentemøller - ‘Prana’
2. Silicone Soul – ‘3am’
3. Abakus – ‘Indu’ (Shiloh Remix)
4. Madox – ‘Roger Milla’
5. Tripswitch – ‘Exiled’ (Gaudi Remix)
6. Notecrusher – ‘The Fourth Estate’
7. Santos – ‘Noizy Horn’
8. Evil Nine – ‘Hired Goons’
9. Coldcut – ‘True Skool’ (Switch Remix)
10. Hybrid - ‘Last Man Standing’ (Group Therapy Mix)
11. Jalebee Cartel – ‘Maula’
12. Ils – ‘Music Makers’

Globetronica by Pathaan is available to buy from

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Enter the ‘outernational’ domain of Pathaan. The transnational selector opens a musical aperture into his world on ‘Globetronica’, across two CDs bringing us Room 1 - Beats & D’n’Bass and Room 2 – Tech Breaks. By its very nature the release missions to create a vibe that is intercontinental in its approach, drawing from a worldwide pool of skilful producers and sounds from France, India, Denmark, the Balkans and beyond, to truly encompass the global fusion that remains the driving force behind Pathaan’s love of assorted musical cultures.

‘Room 1 - Beats & D‘n’Bass’ pushes and pulls the listener from an eased up, pondered sense of resonant darkness and light sensory fulfilment, to a highly charged dancefloor central command. Evolving through earthly, meditative, tribal introspection and oceanic beauty, Pathaan acts as alchemist, concocting funked-up and soothing dubbed-out beats with rolling metallic riffs. ‘Vino Vino’ [Bassface Sascha & Franksen Remix] by German producer Eastenders is the transitional track on this first CD, which turns the mood from ambience to fire with a killer drum ‘n’ bass remix of a gypsy tune. Meanwhile ‘Bethe Bethe Kese Kese’, by BBC World Music Awards 2008 nominee Gaudi, gets a Pathaan reworking that conveys optimism and spectral glow.

‘Room 2 – Tech Breaks’ intertwines a vast soundscape of the digitised, with eastern warmth and melancholy, and when Pathaan confiscates everything but bass frequency and kick drum that’s when the game is up. Stand out tracks include ‘Roger Milla’, the 1990 World Cup Cameroonian football star renowned for his goal scoring celebrations, and the namesake for the infectious Afro/Breaks offering from Madox.

Respected amongst his peers and listeners, Pathaan’s early-career saw him rapidly move from 250 capacity clubs to crowds of 15,000 people; evolving from early days at the legendary club Anokha alongside Talvin Singh, to being David Bowie’s ‘Earthling’ tour support DJ. Ever eclectic, he has amped up and projected his ‘Globetronica’ ethos from ‘Skol Beats’ speakers in Brazil, Samothraki in Greece and sound systems at the Jaipur Heritage Festival’ in India. His un-relinquishing thirst for new music has flung him around European festivals and the UK club circuit, allowing no time for breathers as he became a regular face in Ibiza. A producer, radio presenter, DJ, music critic / writer and label manager of Globetronica, Liquid Sound & Dragonfly Records, there’s no disputing the many strings to be found on Pathaan’s bow.

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