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Pathaan's Indian Sunset

Nov 2003

Altura Music [ALTURACD1]

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Pathaan's Indian Sunset ALTURACD1 Tracklisting:
1. Deva Premal - Gayatri Mantra
2. Orchestral World Groove - Pyar (Indian Sunset
3. Adrian Sherwood - Hari Up Hari
4. Nitin Sawhney - Heer
5. Gaudi - Meena
6. Nada - Raja Mati
7. Tom Noble - Raaj Dub
8. Navdeep - Immigrance
9. The Dum Dum Project feat. Orchestral World
    Groove - Monsoon Tears
10. Black Star Liner - Harmon Session Special
11. Cosmic Rocker - Sirene
12. MIDIval Punditz - Chandini Chowk
13. Makyo - Devabandha (Tantric Laswell Mix)
14. Dusted - Under the Sun (Orchestral World Groove
15. Deva Premal - Gayatri Mantra
1. Fragile State - Every Day a Story
2. Ikarus - Praying to Different Gods
3. Spy from Cairo - Zindagi (Vocals by Alook Mehta)
4. Thunderball - Stereo Tonic
5. James Asher - Prayer Wheel (Ragu Patti)
6. Thunderball vs Liftoff - Welcome Back Cooper
7. Trickbaby - Neelaa (Aluminium Headz Remix)
8. Christophe Goze - Manana
9. Hattler - Delhi News (Deep Dive Version)
10. Banco de Gaia - Drippy
11. Devin Deveaux (Anjuna Anthem Mix)
12. Karsh Kale - Cinematic Reprise

Indian Sunset is available to buy from

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Easter Eye - The album of the week is the stunning double CD mixed by leading spin-doctor DJ Pathaan. The brains behind the fabulous Stoned Asia series delivers a selection of the best Asian inspired chill out music. With this album Pathaan stitches together songs from renowned artists like Nitin Sawhney and Karsh Kale with tracks from a new wave of musicians like MIDIval Punditz and Devin Deveaux. Titled Sunset the first CD drifts along with a series of down tempo musical gems that have a dream like quality. They are tunes that have the power and the colour to paint swirling pictures in your head. Titled Sunrise, the fabulous second CD picks up the pace with sparkling gems like Neelaa by Trickbaby. These aren¹t the heavy tunes you are force fed on the dance floors of the big clubs but songs that are more personal and have the ability to connect to the individual. Asjad Nazir rated 4.5 chillies out of 5

Flux Magazine - Asian and global musings, which sound like you've just sat down in a village and tripped out on one - it's contemplative couture. Good to relax and unwind to, this divine double album is a gem of a chill- out collection by the prestigious Pathaan, and the mixing's seamless! Unique mantra melodies and dynamic dubs with fantastic Indian flavour. Lisa Loco

WAVE Magazine (Holistic Living With Spirit) - DJ and producer Pathaan, master of asian/global beats, here digs deep in his record bag and comes up with this double CD compilation fusing Asian moves with electronic grooves. The sunset side leads the way with some exclusive downtempo cuts from Nitin Sawhney, Black Star Liner, Adrian Sherwood and his very own project Orchestral World Groove among others. The Sunrise side takes things up a notch and gets a bit housey (after all, the label is part of the Ministry of Sound empire with names like James Asher, Trickbaby and Banco De Gaia in the mix. Easy listening for the armchair traveller.

DJ Magazine - Given the length of time Pathaan’s straddled the asian underground and chillout scenes, his debut for a major has been a long time coming. Spread over two 2 cds’ titled ‘sunset’ and ‘sunrise’ , its focus is on Asian influenced dub. Cd1 begins with Deva Premal and flows through Adrian Sherwood’s ‘Hari Up Hari’, Tom Noble’s ‘Raaj Dub’ and the tabla-meets Portishead of Cosmic Rocker’s ‘sirene’. ‘Sunrise’ which features tracks such as Ikarus’s ‘Praying To Different Gods’, Fragile State’s ‘Everyday’s A Story’ and Thunderball’s ‘Stereo Tonic’, is predictably upbeat. But refreshingly the mood change is conveyed through melody, rather than simply raising the bpms. 3/5

The Independent - A classy double CD of exquisitely crafted, mellow Asian flavours, by one of the UK's finest chillout DJs. Phil Meadley

Radio 1 - Only the most beautiful Indian emotions as only Pathaan can do them. Nihal

Chris Coco - The perfect accompaniment to an evening with friends & a couple of bottles of wine.

Indobrit - I'll never forget listening to Pathaan's album on my most recent trip to India. A soulful and beautiful soundtrack to a beautiful place. Farah Damji

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