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Pathaan presents Stoned Asia

DJ Pathaan presents Stoned Asia June 1999 Kickin Records [KICKCD87]

1. Govinda – Eclipse
2. Fruit Loop – 17th Century Girl
3. Nitin Sawhney – Bengali Song
4. Black Star Liner – Yemen Cutta Connection
5. MC Sultan – Der Bauch (Mental Challenge Mix)
6. Cornershop – We’re In Your Corner (Clinton Mix)
7. Sangeet Sagar – Country & Eastern
8. Asian Dub Foundation – Charge (Sherwood Dub)
9. Zohar – Surrender
10. Djaimin – Hindu Lover (Hindumental Mix)
11. Timewaia – Untitled
12. Pathaan – The Arrival


Released June 1999 – The year Pathaan received ‘innovator of the year’ award at the Ibiza DJ Awards

Wax Magazine – Pathaan is responsible for one of the finest nights in South London, AirSwaraj, an oasis of ambient, eclectic and oriental grooves. Of course, his collection of tracks reflects his own wealth of influences both musically and culturally, blending elements of his English upbringing and Pakistani culture into a journey that will please the ears of those into that dreaded term, ‘world music’, as well as the clubber in search of something easy but interesting to chill to. ‘Bengali Song’, by Nitin Sawhney, combines a haunting Asian prayer chant with futuristic electronica in such a beautiful way, that once you hear it, you’ll simply never forget it. It’s followed by a more upbeat tempo from Black Star Liner, with ‘Yemen Cutta Connection’, the Asian’s answer to Latin house, maybe! Zohar’s ‘surrender’ feels like it was made in a hot, tropical, unspoilt Thai Island. Also included is Asian Dub Foundation ‘Charge’ (Sherwood Dub) and Pathaan’s own ‘The Arrival’, which transports us back into a city, it’s rush hour traffic time, it’s sunny and everyone’s out on the streets, cruising man.    Claire Wyburn

Time Out London – Club-album crossovers don’t necessarily have to be brimming with exclusive remixes; they just need lots of character. Which is why this compilation works so well, binging together cross-cultural dance fusions from Nitin Sawhney’s classily jazzy ‘Bengali Song’ to the full-on festival flavour of Asian Dub Foundation and Sangeet Sagar’s wry ‘Country And Eastern’. Cornershop remix themselves on ‘We’re In Your Corner’ and Zohar’s ‘Surrender’ is a spirited drum’n’bass workout. The only downside of this is that you may already own several of the featured tracks. Otherwise it’s accessible, lively and definitely recommended.    Dave Swindells

DJ Magazine – Gorgeous global beats from Pathaan, one-time co-promoter of Swaraj at the Blue Note, now global traveller and currently resident in Ibiza. Ranges from funky drum & bass, dubby breakbeat and mellow grooves, all underpinned with a subtle Asian influence. Perfect sunset / sundown music.    Claire Hughes

Select Magazine – An inventory of Asian dance music, there’s the usual (Black Star Liner, Cornershop, ADF) and the less famous (MC Sultan, Sangett Sagar, Djaimin). Think tables, sitar action, hiphop, funk and Adrian Sherwood. Building up slowly and strangely – see the odd percussion on Fruit Loop’s ‘17th Century Girl’ – by the time you hit Zohar’s smokey ‘Surrender’, the urge to make crap curry jokes will be long gone.    3/5

7 Magazine – With a tour with Bowie, a successful Swaraj club night and an award for being 1997’s most innovative DJ (as governed by DJ Awards, Ibiza), Pathaan is well equipped to take us on a journey through Asian inspired ambient beats, grooves and charts. Cornershop, Asian Dub Foundation and Black Star Liner are some of the more well known faces on here, but all the tracks stand up quality-wise. Basically this is music made for smoking bluntz to, or alternatively you could do what they get up to in northern Sweden, which is to dip a tampon in the local Schnapps and insert it up your Philip Glass (I kid you not). Either way kick back and soak it up.    Rennie Pilgrem 4.5/5

DJ Pathaan presents Stoned Asia Edition 2 Feb 2000 Stoned Asia Music [SARCD001]

1. Solar Spirit – Asiatronic
2. The Dum Dum Project – Air India
3. Something Wonderful – Eddyin’ Current, The Sea Floor
4. Deepak Ram – A Night in Lenasia
5. Thievery Corporation – Transcendence
6. Avatars of Dub – Codeword: Mantra
7. dZihan & Kamien – Ahmet Bont
8. Gaudi – Heaven
9. Hibiki R.A – My Dear Masters
10. Nitin Sawhney – Nadia
11. Alien Soap Opera – Voladores [B.L.I.M. Remix]
12. Musafir – Ninderli




Timeout – What happens when you combine an Asian classical upbringing with a misspent youth partying around British clubland and then distil the mix through four years of Djing and two long hot summers of Ibizan sunsets and advanced chillout sessions? ‘Stoned Asia Edition 2’ is the answer, and it’s one instance where the second album is better than the first. It’s well worth waiting for…perfectly chilled but still dance-groovy, and genuinely global.


7 Magazine – Award winning Pathaan presents blessed-out Asian/World Beat funkiness on his own ‘Stoned Asia Music’ imprint. A diverse range of loose-limbed trippy, Balearic, dubby toking music hung together with a ethereal Eastern vibe…a backdrop of genuine smoker’s delights.    5/5


DJ Magazine – Rich in worldly pathos…the textures are lush and the exotica expansive. And it puts most of the half-arsed sub-Café Del Mar Ibeefa comps to shame. Whilst strictly chill zone in a club context…sublime examples of Eastern riddims melding magnificently with Western beats. Exquisitely emotive.    9/10

DJ Pathaan presents Stoned Asia Edition 3 Nov 2000 Stoned Asia Music [SARCD003]

1. Cantoma & Pathaan – Call
2. Bob Holroyd – Different Space
3. Thievery Corporation – One
4. Solar Spirit – Haunting
5. Desmond – Theme from a Dream
6. Euphoria – Delirium (State Of Bengal Delhi Rias)
7. Nicola Conte – Dossier Omega
8. Ursula 1000 – That Hindu That You Do
9. Chris Joss & His Orchestra – Bombay by Bus
10. Dum Dum Project – Hey Diwani Hey Diwana
11. Indian Ropeman – Sunshine of Your Love
12. Big Yoga Muffin – Is That How You Get Off?
13. Bally Sagoo – Noorie


MUZIK – Stoned Asia promoter and erst while David Bowie tour DJ collects together assorted Asian flavoured beats. While only Sunday supplement journalists still think getting funky with tablas and sitars is a novelty, this intelligent, enjoyable selection is one of the best of its kind.

DJ Pathaan presents Stoned Asia Edition 4 March 2002 Stoned Asia Music [SARCD010]

1. Bally Sagoo – The Karma Shade Of Dub
2. Bliss – Dunia
3. Buddha Finga – Islands
4. Adham Shaikh – Sufi Spin
5. Platform – Send In The Tribes
6. Blade – Punta Allen
7. Karunesh – Punjab
8. Bollywood Brass Band – Ishq Bina
9. Cosmic Rocker – Liquid Medium
10. The Kumba Mela Experiment – Elephant Trax (Hammer To The Nail Dub)
11. Orchestral World Groove – Pyar


Following on from the international success of Stoned Asia Music edition 1,2 & 3, the fourth in the series continues to invite you into Pathaan’s world of authentic rhythmic chants blended with ambient grooves and global beats. Here we have Pathaan taking us on one of his musical excursions – Stoned Asia Music Edition 4 – with names you may recognise but for sure, some you won’t; which can happily sit in World Music sections of stores seeping in tradition, yet enchanting in its’ relevance for today’s discerning clubber.

MUZIK – Pathaan puts together a selection of Asian-flavoured grooves from relatively traditional stuff like Bally Sagoo to cutting edge Euro interpretations from Bliss, Kumba Mela Experiment (aka Youth) and Pathaan’s own Orchestral World Groove project. This album flows nicely and doesn’t try too hard to be ‘authentic’. Simply good quality, contemporary, chilled music. Chris Coco 4/5

Rhythm, USA & Wax Magazine – Pathaan is undoubtedly one of the leading progenitors of Global Chill, and this finely crafted fourth edition of his Stoned Asia series sees an even greater depth and maturity that demands to be embraced far beyond the clubbing masses. Phil Meadley

XLR8R – The UK’s Pathaan continues to select world-tinged rhythms with an ear for fresh, exotic sounds. This latest effort is mellower, than it’s predecessors but is a well-chosen set of soothing beats, lush Middle Eastern/Indian vocals, wistful keyboards and exotic brass. Adam Shaikh’s ’Sufi Spin’ combines the throbbing beat of Qawwali with dreamy dub effects and hand drums, while the Bollywood Brass Band’s horns dominate the cinematic ‘ishq bina’. Highlights include a standout cut from Cosmic Rocker and an amazing collage of traditional drums and horns woven around electronic rhythms from the Khumba Mela Experiment. Matt Fisher

TIMEOUT – Pathaan maintains the allure of ‘Stoned Asia Music’ with consistently catchy selections. Volume four makes lushly chilled listening, laced with undulating percussion and mesmerist chants, hip hop and ragga influences. Standout tracks include the Bollywood Brass Band’s exclusive reworking of AR Rahman’s ‘Ishq Bina’, the rich, jazzy basslines of ‘Punta Allen’ from Italy’s Blade and Masquenada Family, and the housey soul of ‘pyar’ from Pathaan’s own Orchestral World Groove outfit. .Moreish poof that downtempo melodies can be surprising, not merely soporific. Dave Swindells

BPM – If his credentials aren’t proof enough, then a listen to Stoned Asia Music Edition 4 should do the trick. Featuring six unreleased exclusives and from Cosmic Rocker, Karunesh, Platform, Buddha Finga, Bliss and others, Pathaan writes a prescription of global ambience, tribal chants, mellow beats, flute and total relaxation. Yuri Wuensch

Corner Bottom Left Grey


Stoned Asia Boxed Set 3CD April 2001 Stoned Asia Music [SARCD007]

Disc One:
1. Govinda – Eclipse
2. Fruit Loop – 17th Century Girl
3. Nitin Sawhney – Bengali Song
4. Black Star Liner – Yemen Cutta Connection
5. MC Sultan – Der Bauch (Mental Challenge Mix)
6. Cornershop – We’re In Your Corner (Clinton Mix)
7. Sangeet Sagar – Country & Eastern
8. Asian Dub Foundation – Charge (Sherwood Dub)
9. Zohar – Surrender
10. Djaimin – Hindu Lover (Hindumental Mix)
11. Timewaia – Untitled
12. Pathaan – The Arrival

Disc Two:
1. Solar Spirit – Asiatronic
2. The Dum Dum Project – Air India
3. Eddyin’ Current, the Sea Floor – Something
4. Deepak Ram – Night in Lenasia
5. Thievery Corporation – Transcendence
6. Avatars of Dub – Codeword: Mantra
7. dZihan & Kamien – Ahmet Bont
8. Gaudi – Heaven
9. Hibiki R.A – My Dear Masters
10. Nitin Sawhney – Nadia
11. Alien Soap Opera – Voladores [B.L.I.M. Remix]
12. Musafir – Ninerli
Disc Three:
1. Cantoma & Pathaan – Call
2. Bob Holroyd – Different Space
3. Thievery Corporation – One
4. Solar Spirit – Haunting
5. Desmond – Theme from a Dream
6. Euphoria – Delirium (State Of Bengal Delhi Rias)
7. Nicola Conte – Dossier Omega
8. Ursula 1000 – That Hindu That You Do
9. Chris Joss & His Orchestra – Bombay by Bus
10. Dum Dum Project – Hey Diwani Hey Diwana
11. Indian Ropeman – Sunshine of Your Love
12. Big Yoga Muffin – Is That How You Get Off?
13. Bally Sagoo – Noorie


Additions 1 to 3 brought together within this timeless classic release!!!

XLR8R – The Stoned Asia Music box set collects the three previously released Stoned Asia editions, a mix of ‘authentic sounds that blends rhythmic Asian chants, ambient grooves and beats’. Thirty-seven tracks from 1996 to the present – including ones by well-known artists such as Cornershop, Asian Dub Foundation, Thievery Corporation and Bally Sagoo – are included. Every tempo from blunted to Bhangra is represented with vocalists warbling and tables, zithers, gamelans and all sorts of exotic instrumentation looping through the mix of mellow breakbeats. For everyone who gets off on sitars more than guitars, STONED ASIA MUSIC will be heaven, but for god’s sake, buy no less than half-ounce of weed, because with three discs, you’re in for one long, droning night. Tony Ware

MUZIK – A lavish box set containing the first three Stoned Asia Music compilations. Lovingly compiled by Pathaan, this collection covers all corners of contemporary Asian –influenced music, featuring among others Dzihan & Kamien, Thievery Corporation, Black Star Liner and Pathaan’s own Solar Spirit project. Highly recommended. Phil Mison

7Magazine – To those unfamiliar with Pathaan’s sublimely chilled Stoned Asia Music series, this three CD boxset represents some serious homework. A compilation of volumes 1 to 3 in the series, and in keeping with Pathaan’s vision of a modern Asian sound, tracks with an Eastern influence range from chants to ambient pieces, to down tempo lounge vibes through to beats and percussion. Fair enough to assume that a three-CD blitz in one sitting might be a little hard to hack for the uncommitted listener, but it proves a surprisingly enjoyable experience such is the variety and quality of tracks included (Cornershop, Asian Dub Foundation, Bally Sagoo) as per usual it’s the lesser lights that provide the hidden gems. Of the many highlights, MC Sultan’s classic ‘Der Bauch’ is included in its ‘mental challenge’ form. The wide screen down tempo of Cantoma (featuring Pathaan) is an exercise in horizontal chillage, as is Bob Holroyd’s outstanding ‘A Different Space’. With artists of the standard of Nitin Sawhney and Thievery Corporation providing multiple contributions, it gives an apt illustration of the talent lurking within, with a finer collection of ambient beatage hard to imagine. Alex Moran 5/5

DJ Magazine – Pathaan’s claim for global domination continues with his three CD Boxset of the entire ‘Stoned Asia’ compilation series. It’s beautiful reflection of the contemporary Asian music scene you’ll wanna make room for. With an eye on ambient grooves, rhythmic chants and global beats, Cornershop, Nitin Sawhney, Bally Sagoo, Thievery Corporation, Asian Dub Foundation and many others lay down how it’s gonna be. A welcome education in three parts. With Pathaan’s passion and Stoned Asia style, this lovingly produced compilation is sunshine in a box. Go bathe!!!!!


Pathaan’s Mix Compilations

Tandava Vol.2 [M1190D]

“As one of the modern architects of the global electronica sound, Pathaan has a mission: to create music that opens the door to an experience of inner peace. With Tandava Volume 2, this world-renowned sound magician joins forces with a lineup of underground legends to bring you a “musical oasis amidst a world of chaos.” Pathaan’s mesmerizing mix of sacred sounds and modern chillout grooves is an injection of Universal Love straight into the soul.” ~ Amazon

Tandava [M890D]

“In the realm of electronic world beat, Pathaan is arguably the singular choice.
Here he teams up with co-producer and internationally renowned yoga teacher Shiva Rea to offer Tandava, an energizing mix of sensuous rhythms, meditative riffs, and world music.
Inspired by Shiva Rea’s Yoga Shakti DVD series, Tandava is perfect for flow yoga, bodywork, exercise, or just terrific listening. ” soundtravels

Featuring Amniotic, Abakus, Prem Joshua (remixed by Sean Dinsmore), fjRehmi, Gaudi, Govinda, Ikarus, Karsh Kale, Sonik Gurus, Ma Faiza & Veet Sandeh, Bahramji & Maneesh De Moor, Abhijit Pohankar, Adham Shaikh

Pathaan's Small World May 2003 Stoned Asia Music [SARCD009]

Disc One:
1. Sugar B – Landrover
2. Infernal – Mizkett
3. Platform – August Moon
4. Kalahari Bushmen – Looking Back (Bob Holroyd
5. Fifth Sun – Kamaterie
6. Le Duc – Paccaya
7. Buddha Finga – Manyana
8. Ikarus – Shiva (Indian Goddess Edit)
9. Out of Phase – The Meaning Escapes
10. The Rootsman – Exodus
11. Jah Wobble & The Temple of Sound – Mountains
of the Moon
12. Mere Mortals – Last
Disc Two:
1. The Dum Dum Project – Hey Diwani Hey Diwani
2. Shpongle – Room 23
3. Zohar – Ehad
4. Nickodemus – Desert Dancer (Zeb’s Camel Ride
5. Cosmic Rocker – Occasionally Modified
6. Farid – DC Masala
7. Organic Grooves – Nomadic Future
8. The Spy From Cario – Don’t Panic I’m Islamic
9. Radar – Caravane
10. Kiril – Hereafter
11. Gaudi – Sufani
12. Feel Good Productions – The Feel Good Vibe Time

Here sees the release of the first instalment of the 24 track mixed ‘Small World’ project, which takes the label beyond the Asian-influenced beat, to encompass influences from all over the world, creating a truly global musical blueprint.

TIMEOUT – Anything and everything is just the kind of playlist an inexperienced DJ can make a pigs’ ear out of however silky the source material, but Pathaan has repeatedly shown how it’s done on the decks and on discs; last year’s ‘SmallWorld’ (Stoned Asia Music’) compilation was a gem, probably the finest globally inspired collection of the year.    Dave Swindells

MUZIK – An excellent mix of cool global beats and beyond.    Phil Mison

Muzik Magazine – Lovely atmospheric music – Pathaan’s unique vision taking us somewhere new and exciting – with his Global Beats style he’s really found a new groove.    Chris Mellor

RHYTHM, USA & Wax Magazine – Small World takes the progressive sound of Pathaan and Stoned Asia Music to it’s natural conclusion. Somehow managing to retain his unique vibe whilst seamlessly traversing the plains of Africa and deserts of the Middle East, Pathaan’s deeply atmospheric mix proves once again that global dance holds the key to the future.    Phil Meadley

DJ MAGAZINE – Pathaan’s shrunk the world not the beats on this, his post Stoned Asia adventures. His net has been cast even further across the globe and the result is a very satisfying mix of downtempo beats and uplifting grooves. Managing to avoid the ‘new age’ pitfall, ‘SmallWorld’ really does capture something very special. CD one comes loaded with ‘Discerning Blunts’, including Mere Mortals, Buddha Finger, Kalahari Bushmen and the soul lifting ‘Shiva’ from Ikarus. CD two ‘Uplifting Blunts’ is magic stuff. Organic Grooves, Radar, Gaudi and Feel Good Productions rub alongside my personal favourites Swiss born Cosmic Rocker. At last, world music without the ‘worldy’ tag. Bring on the global groove!    Kate Wiseblood

MUZIK – Pathaan continues to spread his world beat message with this new double CD compilation. CD1 is ‘Discerning Beats’, a downtempo selection featuring the classic ‘Mizkett’ by Infernal and Buddha Finga’s ‘Manyana’. CD2 is ‘Uplifting Blunts’, a more uptempo selection featuring the excellent ‘Sufani’ by Gaudi. If you’re a Stoned Asia Music fan, this is a excellent purchase.    Phil Mison

BIG CHILL – Time was when Monday nights at the Dogstar played host to something completely different to Chilli Dog or Sofa So Good – Pathaan’s now legendary Stoned Asia nights, which have subsequently moved onto a number of pastures new. These days, Pathaan puts on nights in East as well as SW London, with international residencies in Italy, New York, Barcelona and Ibiza (and not forgetting the odd appearance at festivals such as The Big Chill’s fifth Enchanted Garden). No wonder the marketing executives at Sony et al have been pumping out those ghastly ‘Global Chillout’ compilations. It truly is an international business these days. But of course there is Global, and there is global, the two faces of our shrinking world. One represents the increasing homogenisation of our culture – in reality, the domination of Western norms – and the other an ever-expanding openness to new cultural forms and hybrids. Needless to say, it is to the latter category that ‘Pathaan’s Small World’ belongs. Divided across two CDs, ‘Discerning Blunts’ and ‘Uplifting Blunts’, it is a thoroughly eclectic and wide-ranging mix that ranges far beyond the confines of the UK. As a result there is nothing here that suffers from over-familiarity; it contains nine exclusive tracks amongst its twenty-four (many of them recent signings to Pathaan’s Stoned Asia music label). Indeed, with the exception of Zohar, Jah Wobble, and Organic Grooves, few of the artists included here mean much to me at all. Several of them, however, look likely to become better known: Infernal, for example, whose ‘Mizkett’ is a truly gorgeous track with ‘chill out classic’ written all over it. There are also fine tracks from The Rootsman, Farid and Radar that shows just how much talent exists in this field for those who care to look. Ranging freely across Indian, Arabic, African and New Age sounds, this is somewhat in the mould of the earlier Buddha Bar mixes – back when they were fresh – although Pathaan has a taste for ethnic dub in place of the Buddha crew’s leanings towards house and lounge. Atmospheric, evocative and unobtrusively mixed, ‘Pathaan’s Small World’ is a more than worthy addition to the world of global chill.    Freddie B

BPM – The strength of this two CD mix set is it cohesion – a United Nations of down tempo or the Lonely Planet lounge, if you will. Through disc 1, Discerning Blunts, and onto disc 2, uplifting Blunts, Pathaan melds together beats influenced by African, Middle Eastern, Asian, more ambiguous, and as yet undiscovered music from forgotten realms, mesmerizing and beautiful spirit chants and more modern funky flavours. It’s a neo-retro world beat extravaganza!!! Most magical is leaving the discs on repeat – forever circumnavigating the globe – never finding them tiresome and discovering something new with each listen. Few CDs can make that promise and are as richly rewarding as Pathaan’s SmallWorld.    Yuri Wuensch


Stoned Asia Music presents World Peace June 2003 Stoned Asia Music [SARCD011]

1. Abhijit Pohankar – Piya Bavari
2. MIDIval Punditz – Night
3. Kaya Project – Walking Through
4. The Spy from Cairo – All Beautiful Machine
5. Lumo – Seven Minutes of Sun
6. The Dum Dum Project feat. MC Chori Sala – Greetings
7. Ikarus – Touched the Sun
8. Chiller Twist – Strings Unlimited
9. Fun-Da-Mental feat Rizwan Izwan-Muazzam Qawwal – The Last Gospel (Juttla Remix)
10. Jean Claude Maurice – My Maya (Garden of Zephirus Mix)
11. DJ F.E.X – Indie Walk
12. Trilok Gurtu – Future Heat (Orchestral World Groove Remix)
13. Cosmic Rocker – Sandblasted

This is Pathaan’s & the label’s little statement, through this excellent new release. Pathaan is not a politician but is human & sickened by the current world affairs. Hence this release is ‘a celebration of life’. Following on from previous editions of Stoned Asia Music and the more recent double mixed CD Small World to critical acclaim, May 2003 sees the launch of ‘STONED ASIA MUSIC presents WORLD PEACE’ in the Stoned Asia Music stable featuring 13 exclusive & hard to find productions. Mixed effortlessly by Pathaan. Pathaan takes you on one of his musical voyages ranging from the beach, front room or car to the dancefloor – WORLD PEACE please!


Ironically a review on September 11th 2002 in 7 Magazine Issue 167, about ‘WORLD PEACE’ which was never released until now:

7 Magazine Issue 167 – Kickin Music A&R Pathaan is synonymous with a brand of horizontal chilling that’s purely global. What he does best is dig up the grooves that no one else – not even the most dedicated trainspotter – has discovered. You won’t find any of these gems on ‘Ibiza Chill Vol 37’, which naturally is a very good thing indeed. He scores an immediate coup with Bob Holroyd’s ‘Call To Prayer’, which features Cat Stevens on vocals (his first in 15 years). Other cuts riff on an axis that connects Marrakesh, the pyramids, strong herbs and midnight dub, from artists that come from Croatia, New York, Vienna and beyond.    Kieran Wyatt 5 Dancing Men

XLR8R – Music can often be an escape from the troubles of the world. However, here Pathaan expresses his feelings on the state of current affairs, and cries out for harmony. Chilled, calming and tranquil downtempo offerings are the order of the day here, with handpicked offerings from around globe. This compilation conveys a musical message that must be listened to.    Jon Freer

Pathaan's Indian Sunset Nov 2003 Altura Music [ALTURACD1]

1. Deva Premal – Gayatri Mantra
2. Orchestral World Groove – Pyar (Indian Sunset
3. Adrian Sherwood – Hari Up Hari
4. Nitin Sawhney – Heer
5. Gaudi – Meena
6. Nada – Raja Mati
7. Tom Noble – Raaj Dub
8. Navdeep – Immigrance
9. The Dum Dum Project feat. Orchestral World
Groove – Monsoon Tears
10. Black Star Liner – Harmon Session Special
11. Cosmic Rocker – Sirene
12. MIDIval Punditz – Chandini Chowk
13. Makyo – Devabandha (Tantric Laswell Mix)
14. Dusted – Under the Sun (Orchestral World Groove
15. Deva Premal – Gayatri Mantra
1. Fragile State – Every Day a Story
2. Ikarus – Praying to Different Gods
3. Spy from Cairo – Zindagi (Vocals by Alook Mehta)
4. Thunderball – Stereo Tonic
5. James Asher – Prayer Wheel (Ragu Patti)
6. Thunderball vs Liftoff – Welcome Back Cooper
7. Trickbaby – Neelaa (Aluminium Headz Remix)
8. Christophe Goze – Manana
9. Hattler – Delhi News (Deep Dive Version)
10. Banco de Gaia – Drippy
11. Devin Deveaux (Anjuna Anthem Mix)
12. Karsh Kale – Cinematic Reprise

Easter Eye – The album of the week is the stunning double CD mixed by leading spin-doctor DJ Pathaan. The brains behind the fabulous Stoned Asia series delivers a selection of the best Asian inspired chill out music. With this album Pathaan stitches together songs from renowned artists like Nitin Sawhney and Karsh Kale with tracks from a new wave of musicians like MIDIval Punditz and Devin Deveaux. Titled Sunset the first CD drifts along with a series of down tempo musical gems that have a dream like quality. They are tunes that have the power and the colour to paint swirling pictures in your head. Titled Sunrise, the fabulous second CD picks up the pace with sparkling gems like Neelaa by Trickbaby. These aren¹t the heavy tunes you are force fed on the dance floors of the big clubs but songs that are more personal and have the ability to connect to the individual. Asjad Nazir rated 4.5 chillies out of 5

Flux Magazine – Asian and global musings, which sound like you’ve just sat down in a village and tripped out on one – it’s contemplative couture. Good to relax and unwind to, this divine double album is a gem of a chill- out collection by the prestigious Pathaan, and the mixing’s seamless! Unique mantra melodies and dynamic dubs with fantastic Indian flavour. Lisa Loco

WAVE Magazine (Holistic Living With Spirit) – DJ and producer Pathaan, master of asian/global beats, here digs deep in his record bag and comes up with this double CD compilation fusing Asian moves with electronic grooves. The sunset side leads the way with some exclusive downtempo cuts from Nitin Sawhney, Black Star Liner, Adrian Sherwood and his very own project Orchestral World Groove among others. The Sunrise side takes things up a notch and gets a bit housey (after all, the label is part of the Ministry of Sound empire with names like James Asher, Trickbaby and Banco De Gaia in the mix. Easy listening for the armchair traveller.

DJ Magazine – Given the length of time Pathaan’s straddled the asian underground and chillout scenes, his debut for a major has been a long time coming. Spread over two 2 cds’ titled ‘sunset’ and ‘sunrise’ , its focus is on Asian influenced dub. Cd1 begins with Deva Premal and flows through Adrian Sherwood’s ‘Hari Up Hari’, Tom Noble’s ‘Raaj Dub’ and the tabla-meets Portishead of Cosmic Rocker’s ‘sirene’. ‘Sunrise’ which features tracks such as Ikarus’s ‘Praying To Different Gods’, Fragile State’s ‘Everyday’s A Story’ and Thunderball’s ‘Stereo Tonic’, is predictably upbeat. But refreshingly the mood change is conveyed through melody, rather than simply raising the bpms. 3/5

The Independent – A classy double CD of exquisitely crafted, mellow Asian flavours, by one of the UK’s finest chillout DJs. Phil Meadley

Radio 1 – Only the most beautiful Indian emotions as only Pathaan can do them. Nihal

Chris Coco – The perfect accompaniment to an evening with friends & a couple of bottles of wine.

Indobrit – I’ll never forget listening to Pathaan’s album on my most recent trip to India. A soulful and beautiful soundtrack to a beautiful place. Farah Damji

Pathaan's Global Sunset July 2004 Altura Music [ALTURACD2]

1. Massive Attack – Karma Coma (Napoli Trip Mix)
2. Manish Vyas – Ishq (Cheb I Sabbah’s Delhi Masjid
3. Orchestral World Groove – Didjeridub
4. Fragile State – Four-Four-Four
5. Chris Coco meets Afterlife – Time To Love
6. Banzai Republic feat Natasha Atlas – Love
Throughout The World
7. Pleb – Toast Me
8. Hybrid – Marrakech
9. The 1001 Nights Project ft. Dania – Leiley
(Transglobal Underground ‘Way Out’ Mix)
10. Ben Onono – Badagry Beach
11. Ralph Myerz – Nikita
12. Souad Massi – Bel El Madhi (The Gate of the
1. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Michael Brook – Shadow
(State of Bengal Remix)
2. Stephane Malca & Omar Faruk Tekbilek – In The
3. Ustad Sultan Khan – Tarana (Thievery Corporation
4. Spy From Cairo – The Queen Dub
5. Carla Alexander – Volume
6. Karminsky Experience – Belly Disco
7. Hisham Abbas – Habibi Dah (Nari Narien)
8. Sao Benitez – State of Independence
9. Oi Va Voi – D’ror Yikra
10. The Amalgamation Of Soundz – Destiny
11. Orient Expressions – Lodos
12. Leftfield – Rino’s Prayer

GLOBAL SUNSET is the second Altura release from DJ and Global/Electronic pioneer Pathaan. Having successfully bridged the gap between World and Electronica, Pathaan has delivered a definitive selection of warm and exotic vibes, successfully blending music with roots with music with beats.

Pathaan has always been at the forefront of the dance/world scene. Having cut his teeth at the now legendary Asian Fusionist club Swaraj that exploded out of London’s East End, Pathaan then went on to run his own label Stoned Asia Music, which produced the groundbreaking STONED ASIA MUSIC night and series of compilations. Prior to that he has provided DJ support for David Bowie on tour, and evolved as a journalist (writing for DJ, Another Generation, Klub Knowledge and street mag Blowback) and formed his own musical project Orchestral World Groove with Italian producer Gaudi. With INDIAN SUNSET and GLOBAL SUNSET, Pathaan is bringing his unique sound to a whole new audience through his compilations and through his weekly ‘Eclectic Mix’ show on Ministry Of Sound Radio.

GLOBAL SUNSET includes contributions from Massive Attack, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan remixed by State of Bengal, Leftfield, Souad Massi, Hybrid, Oi Va Voi and Chris Coco meets Afterlife. The journey through the tracks is seamless, with Pathaan effortlessly guiding you through an eclectic and revelatory selection of grooves. CD1 Sunset chills you out, while CD2 Sunrise elevates and inspires. However, each CD, Sunset and Sunrise, tells its own story in the mix and cannot be classified as up-tempo or downbeat. This being Pathaan, the groove is always challenging and never clichéd. Expect the unexpected, and file under World/Electronica/Balearic/Leftfield/Fusion or just Eclectic.

“Global Sunset leaves you in no doubt…..Pathaan has the best thing a DJ can have, his own musical language. When you hear him playing or when Global Sunset flows funkily out of your speakers, there’s no doubt about it….you know this is Pathaan the Master, out there on the outer musical margins, where dub meets trance meets spiritual house…The World according to Pathaan.” Max Reinhardt – Straight No Chaser, Songlines

“As all the other CDs that my brother released – this is a “touch of class”, definitely a cd that will be always in my case!” GAUDI –

“Real music for real people.” STEVE MILLER –

“It’s great to hear the chillout maestro spread his wings and incorporate lushly orchestrated soundbites from Arabia, Africa, and beyond. Lovers of Pathaan’s acclaimed Stoned Asia series will lap up this latest global addition to an increasingly impressive back catalogue of ethereal sounds.” PHIL MEADLEY – The Independent

“Pathaan comes up triumphs again with a stunning mix of worldly delights. Each CD takes you on a beautiful journey, with blissful tracks – each a highpoint. This is a seriously well put together an album and one which hasn’t left my decks since it arrived. Gorgeous. Pathaan, I salute you”. BEN MYNOTT – Fragile State/B&S

“As a corresponden, I have reported on the war on terror, I have seen its effects first hand in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bali and Iraq. Pathaan’s music reminds me that there is another world, held together by amazing music, serious beats not suicide bombs. We need that universal language of music now more than ever and Pathaan is it’s beat-driven ambassador.” IMRAN KHAN – Writer and Broadcaster

“Where can you hear an Afro-Brazilian cover of a Donna Summer track alongside a Thievery Corporation remix of one of the world’s greatest Qawwali singers? Where else but in the twilight world of Pathaan as he pulls out another awesome collection of rare world, Balearic and downtempo gems from his suitcase, with plenty of surprises and oddities along the way to satisfy the soul of the most hardened musical nomad. ” ASH CHANDOLA – Sonik Gurus / Swaraj

“Pathaan does it again, going global with a stunning set of third and first world music that all but defies categorisation. Forget tired distinctions between ‘east’ and ‘west’, authentic versus electronic instruments or notions of tribal or religious allegiance; these two dozen tunes and instrumentals belong everywhere and if there’s any justice they should make you happy at sunset and inspire you at sunrise, whether it’s morning, noon or night”. DAVE SWINDELLS – Timeout

“I drop the CDs into the cartridge in the car and am instantly transported through the crack between the worlds to a summer dawn or dusk in the Himalayas, when the heat and madness of the day are abated, drawn from the root chakra between my legs, all the way through my heart chakra to the crown, towards the temple of my inner nightclub, where, bounced by the beats and soothed by the voices so masterfully melded, I come to a state of peace with myself and the world – and all that with the heavy traffic on the M6 going past Birmingham!” THE BAREFOOT DOCTOR

“Pathaan is steadily building a reputation to rival the great Jose Padilla in the chill out stakes. Having debuted at the legendary Asian fusionist club Swaraj that exploded out of the East End he went on to run his own label Stoned Asian Music and DJ on tour with David Bowie. This 2 CD set (Sunset/Sunrise) seamlessly fuses world music with electronica thanks to contributions from Massive Attack, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Ben Onono. It is a true stand out amongst the sea of coffee table chill collections. Pathaan’s summer looks busy too with appearances lined up at Big Chill, The Glade Festival and The Festival Of World Music following his recent success at Glastonbury. Light up and relax!” PETE TONG – BBC Radio 1

“Beautifully compiled. Delicate songs, atmospheric sounds and international rhythms for global minds.” MARTIN MORALES – Outcaste//Stimulus

“Pathaan proves once again that he is the daddy of all things chilled – an awesome collection.” ALI B – London Capital Radio

“Intense exotic vibes from the master of the global muse….” PETE LAWRENCE -The Big Chill

“Global Sunset is Pathaan’s personal dialect within the universal language of music and ‘world electronica’. He has once again beautifully crafted the essence of ethnic vibes, this time with a global twist, which entices the attention of the soul and spirit of humanity today. Pure genius!” VINAY SHARMA –

“From sun-up to sun-down the flow circles and arrives at its destination with a big sign: It is time to love”. DJ CHEB I SABBAH

“DJ Pathaan scours the globe merging contemporary & sophisticated international artists for this exotic selection of new rhythms” GLOBAL RHYTHM MAGAZINE

“With ‘Indian Sunset’ and ‘Global Sunset’, Pathaan brings his unique sound to a whole new audience through his compilations and weekly ‘Eclectic Mix’ show on Ministry of Sound Radio”

‘Another impressive selection of old and new nuggets with that particular Pathaan flavour giving something for the head, heart and feet. Give praise!’ ROB DA BANK – BBC Radio 1/Sunday Best Recordings

“Pathaan has done it again. The “Global Sunset” gives the listener a rare glimpse into the secret garden of this globetrotting wizard. The music selection is of the highest order, and pulls newcomers and purists into a dazzling array of culture; like an audio version of Baraka.” LENNY IBIZARRE

“Excellent tracks, smooth and positive for the soul.” LUDOVIC RAMBAUD – Only for DJs

“Haven’t stopped listening to it…its really chilled and it has the Ibiza sunset all over it…..i think that you have put together a cutting edge selection of tunes.” JONATHAN ULYSSES – Ibiza SPACE resident

“Listening to Global Sunset is like buying a one-way, around-the-world ticket. Pathaan’s ability to pull together deeply contrasting, yet utterly complementary, international soundscapes is – once again – unrivalled. From the die-hard electronica of Leftfield, Hybrid and Massive Attack to the ageless spirituality of the late, great Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Sultan Khan, Global Sunset demands that you book one of those really massive seats in First Class, tilt it right back and enter a world of completely cosmopolitan, transnational chill out. Sublime.” ADIL RAY – BBC Asian Network, Desi DNA (BBC2)

“DJ Pathaan yet again manages to soothe the soul and uplift the spirit with a truly global collection of songs.” NIHAL – BBC Radio 1

‘In regards to aural selectors on the global electronic world music scene there simply is only one choice – Pathaan. He is the minister of international sounds and the new double cd compilation ”Global Sunset” elevates you up on one cd and then gently chills you out on the other. Whilst digging deep in the musical crates of Algerian, Arabic & Indian offerings Pathaan delivers a truly exotic soundscape.’ NIK WESTON – Mukatsuku

“Hypnotic and deeply emotional.” RAVIN – Buddha Bar, Paris

“While the temptation of getting out of our heads to get away from it all grows ever stronger, Pathaan invites us back to earth with the gentle assurance that things down here are not as dark as we feared. Take note of the spirit of Global Sunset. After all, it’s not as if there’s too much poetry in the world.” SHIHAB SALM – Editor-in-Chief, Asiana Magazine

“Pathaan has proved once again that when it comes to exotic tunes and Balearic grooves, he’s the man to look up to and follow.” SHAMIR ‘The Baap’ –

“The press release calls it eclectic, and in some ways it is, and was bound to be, given the global theme and variety of material, but eclectic also calls to mind the sort of collection where one track jars horribly with the next, and this does anything but that; each seems to ooze effortlessly in to the next, combining exotic world music with electronic beats as easily as milk and tea. Good morning, good evening, and good night…” CMU DAILY

“Another compilation split into two sections, this time CD 1 ‘Sunset’ …. Then CD 2 brings us “Sunrise”. The biggest surprise for me though was when I opened it up and out came a lovely ‘oriental spice’ smell from the cover where it is written ‘Pathaan returns with a sophisticated selection of exotic vibes and Balearic grooves from around the world’… and that is exactly what it is!” DISCOID Magazine

Pathaan's Universal Sunset July 2005 Altura Music [ALTURACD3]

1. B-Tribe – The Sun
2. Mylo – Emotion 98.6
3. Ikarus – History Has Taught Us Nothing
4. The Urban Underground Society – Hey Ya
(Technova Mix)
5. Apache Indian – Om Numah Shivaya
6. Dirty Vegas – Simple Things
7. Jeff Bennett’s Lounge Experience – Dreams
8. Crazy Penis – You’ve Lost That Feeling
9. Thievery Corporation – Exilio
10. Plant Life – When She Smiles She Lights The
Sky (4 Hero Remix)
11. Khaled – Didi
12. Deep Dive Corporation – Summertime
13. Afterlife – Speck of Gold (Universal Sunset Mix) Sunrise:
1. Heather Nova – Aquamarine (Chris Coco’s
Balearica Mix)
2. Hawke – Mass
3. Tominaga feat. Balu Ragurman – Maresias
4. Baaba Maal – Fa Laay Fanaan (Afrikanz On Marz
5. Seelenluft – Manila (Cicada Remix)
6. Depeche Mode – Enjoy The Silence (Ewan Pearson
Extended Remix)
7. Max Sedgley – Devil Inside (Kraak & Smaak
8. Uptown Connection – System Senegal
9. Rachid Taha – Rock El Casbah
10. Dreadzone – Booty Line
11. Shpongle – Dorset Perception
12. Aphex Twin – Analogue Bubblebath1
13. AM and UV – Wonderful Beautiful

This summer Pathaan releases his third CD in the stunning Sunset series released by the Ministry of Sound backed label Altura. Universal Sunset follows the success of both Indian Sunset and Global Sunset. Universal Sunset, however, is probably the most personal to Pathaan. The Universal brief gave him an entirely exceptional creative opportunity after years of refining his own niche sound. Compilations like The Stoned Asia series and Indian Sunset clearly established Pathaan’s knowledge of the Asian underground, while World Peace, Small World and Global Sunset showcased Pathaan at his eclectic best. ‘Universal Sunset’ is the album Pathaan has been waiting to create, an album without borders or rules, just a Universal sunset and sunrise.

The journey from Indian Sunset via Global Sunset into Universal Sunset was specifically designed by Pathaan to smooth the way for him to express his interest in a broader musical palette. The inclusion of Dirty Vegas, Crazy Penis and Depeche Mode alongside Baaba Maal however is going to raise more than few eyebrows. Undeterred Pathaan has created a mix unconfined by any specific stylistic or racial stereotypes or expectations. Universal Sunset is the moment Pathaan can be seen in his purest light, simply as an exceptional DJ. It’s clear when you listen to both CD’s how far Pathaan has come over the last decade. Universal Sunset perfectly expresses a Pathaans’ eclectic sensibility. Not that he is abandoning his musical roots, it’s just that he is expressing the breadth of his own taste. If you had tea with Pathaan this is the kind of music you’d get with it.

So the Globally inspired Pathaan is putting on his urban spaceman boots and showing his love for his dance music roots. If you are not on your feet during the Sunrise part of the mix then you have no feet. The skill that earned him his own arena at Skol Beats in Brazil really comes to the fore. To quote the man himself “ I am on a mission to take the sound to as many people as possible. I am on a personal mission to make the hair at the back of people’s neck stand up” Pathaan has always taken the unusual route around things. Their can’t be many DJ’s who get there first break supporting 70’s icon David Bowie or who have compiled such a comprehensive catalogue of exceptional releases from the underground days at Stoned Asia Music to the present day. Pathaan has big ideas for himself and has been loving his bi-weekly show on Ministry of Sound Radio. He has also been proving extremely popular with listeners around the globe. Like the man said music really is a means to strengthen and revitalise the spirit.

Click here to hear about the latest ‘Sunset’ CD release.

“Pathaan has busted out of the Asian music mold and treated his listeners to something different: a chill-out album that maintains the imaginative and eclectic Pathaan vibe, with an added urban global groove element.”

“Pathaan has the best thing a DJ can have, his own musical language” Max Reinhardt – Straight No Chaser/Songlines

“It is a true stand out amongst the sea of coffee table chill collections” Pete Tong – (Mixmag Album of The Month)

“Makes the world sound go down. Nice and easy” DJ MAG 4/5

‘It drives me cleverly, insistently, irresistibly and compellingly into a state of dangerous calm” The Barefoot Doctor

“An absolutely great album” Tom Findlay, Groove Armada

“Pathaan comes up with another champion collection of tunes !” Rob Da Bank [BBC RADIO 1]

“A well balanced collection of tunes it’s hard not to like” Eddy Temple Morris [XFM Radio]

“Nails the lie that a Balearic DJ like Pathaan is only about the chill.” Carl Loben [DJ Magazine]

“Pathaan jumps out of the niche and crosses the Universe speaking a language everyone can understand. Brilliant !!! Notion Magazine

“Pathaan, the King of Asian Chill now turns his considerable talents towards a more Universal Sound. His previous albums mastered the sound of his culture, this one masters everything else – A sublime effort from a genre busting DJ” Bobby Friction [BBC Radio 1, BBC Asian Network]

“Pathaan takes us on a musical journey round the world and into outer space. Music to take you from the club dancefloor to the sunrise after-party” Chris Coco [BBC Radio 1]

Globetronica presents City Hippy May 2006 Globetronica [GT001-2]

1. Anne Marie Almedal – The First Picture of You
2. The Urban Myth Club – I Feel It
3. Davide Ravasio – Human Skyline
4. Ten Madison – Walker
5. Mirror System – Stella – (Duende Mix)
6. Fat Freddy’s Drop – Roady
7. Dreadzone – Games People Play
8. EN Voice – Hold On
9. James Asher and Sivamani – Amma
10. Ils – Storm From The East
11. Spooky – Strange Addiction
12. Mavern’n’Mancini – The Pink Panther Theme
13. Pascal of Bollywood – La Vie En Rose…Indian


City Hippy is available to buy from

“Pathaan has the best thing a DJ can have, his own musical language” Max Reinhardt – Straight No Chaser/Songlines

“Pathaan has busted out of the Asian music mold and treated his listeners to something different”

“You can always count on Pathaan to deliver the real deal.” Bob Duskis – Six Degrees Records

“Pathaan puts together yet another great collection that sets the tone for his new GLOBETRONICA label. If this is anything to go by, we all have a lot to look forward to.” Pete Lawrence – The Big Chill

In this day and age it is very easy to become cynical, particularly when you work in the music industry. However if your name is Pathaan and you are launching a record label called Globetronica, then your world is about being inspired by the daily dose of top tunes that you routinely encounter. Be it in the form of while label vinyl, mp3, cdr, label promos, or live performances. Your life is about finding the tunes and playing them to the world. The question is what do you do to make something of your unique and privileged position?

After a decade in music Pathaan is ready to nail his colours to the mast and start his own, globally inspired imprint, Globetronica. In simple terms it is ‘the World plugged in’. A label that nurtures talent from all over the world, in many genres without getting caught up in limiting genre concepts that might potentially endanger the quality and imagination of the music that is released.

The first offering by the label is the beautiful and inspired collection City Hippy. A mix that has been devised for all those urbanites who need to escape in the peace of their own living room to somewhere utopian and joyful. As this is Pathaan it has that fantastic dose of laughter that he somehow manages to imbue all his releases with. He is DJ ’Joie de vivre’, if you had to put it in simple terms. Music inspires life; life inspires music.

So how exactly does an Asian youth from West London become one of the world’s greatest leftfield, globally inspired DJ’s? Simple really, you earn your stripes at seminal Asian underground club Anokha, with the likes of Talvin Singh. You get yourself ‘discovered’ by David Bowie who promptly asks you to join him on tour. You compile some of the best Asian compilations ever, through the Stoned Asia Music label and you release three critically acclaimed albums, through the Ministry of Sound imprint Altura (three Sunset collections, Indian, Global and Universal).

Pathaan has DJ’d at some of the best club nights on the planet, SKOL BEATS in Brazil, SAMOTHRAKI in Greece, THE JAIPUR HERITAGE FESTIVAL and the key UK Festivals. He has an emerging career as a broadcaster and plan’s to record his first artist album. He is one half of THE PUNK-A-WALLAHS with production genius SWITCH. They recently remixed Kronos Quartet feat. Asha Boshle’s DUM MARO DUM, for Nonesuch to much acclaim from Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, Bobby and Nihal, Rob Da Bank and Adil Ray. The response has been so huge they have just bootlegged Ananda Shankar ‘s ‘Streets from Calcutta’ aptly calling it ‘Desi on the Streets of Calcutta’ with Annie Mac comparing the sound to The Chemical Brothers. City Hippy is the debut release on Globetronica and is the result of a musical life well lived and a strong, inspired vision for the future.


Globetronica by Pathaan May 2008 [PLATCD175]

Room 1- Beats & D’n’Bass:
1. DJ Click – ‘Labesse’ (Dub Mix)
2. The Field – ‘The Deal’
3. Voom Voom – ‘Sao Verought’ (Marcus Worgull Mix)
4. Gaudi + Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – ‘Bethe Bethe
Kese Kese’ (Pathaan’s Heavenly Remix)
5. Nada – ‘Bamboo Dub’
6. Ursula 1000 – ‘Mirkin The Mystic’
7. Aiwa – ‘Dioud’ (Cheb I Sabbah Make Love Not
War Remix)
8. Binder & Krieglstein – ‘Wir Wissen Nicht’
9. Eastenders – ‘Vino Vino’ (Bassface Sascha &
Franksen Remix)
10. N.O.H.A. – ’Tu Café’ (Club Mix)
11. D-Code – ‘Tubla Ethics’
12. Visionary Underground – ‘Eye Of The Storm’
(Shiva Soundsystem/Cloud 9 Mix)
13. The Qemists – ‘Stompbox’ Room 2 – Techy Breaks:
1. Trentemøller – ‘Prana’
2. Silicone Soul – ‘3am’
3. Abakus – ‘Indu’ (Shiloh Remix)
4. Madox – ‘Roger Milla’
5. Tripswitch – ‘Exiled’ (Gaudi Remix)
6. Notecrusher – ‘The Fourth Estate’
7. Santos – ‘Noizy Horn’
8. Evil Nine – ‘Hired Goons’
9. Coldcut – ‘True Skool’ (Switch Remix)
10. Hybrid – ‘Last Man Standing’ (Group Therapy Mix)
11. Jalebee Cartel – ‘Maula’
12. Ils – ‘Music Makers’

Globetronica by Pathaan is available to buy from

Enter the ‘outernational’ domain of Pathaan. The transnational selector opens a musical aperture into his world on ‘Globetronica’, across two CDs bringing us Room 1 – Beats & D’n’Bass and Room 2 – Tech Breaks. By its very nature the release missions to create a vibe that is intercontinental in its approach, drawing from a worldwide pool of skilful producers and sounds from France, India, Denmark, the Balkans and beyond, to truly encompass the global fusion that remains the driving force behind Pathaan’s love of assorted musical cultures.

‘Room 1 – Beats & D‘n’Bass’ pushes and pulls the listener from an eased up, pondered sense of resonant darkness and light sensory fulfilment, to a highly charged dancefloor central command. Evolving through earthly, meditative, tribal introspection and oceanic beauty, Pathaan acts as alchemist, concocting funked-up and soothing dubbed-out beats with rolling metallic riffs. ‘Vino Vino’ [Bassface Sascha & Franksen Remix] by German producer Eastenders is the transitional track on this first CD, which turns the mood from ambience to fire with a killer drum ‘n’ bass remix of a gypsy tune. Meanwhile ‘Bethe Bethe Kese Kese’, by BBC World Music Awards 2008 nominee Gaudi, gets a Pathaan reworking that conveys optimism and spectral glow.

‘Room 2 – Tech Breaks’ intertwines a vast soundscape of the digitised, with eastern warmth and melancholy, and when Pathaan confiscates everything but bass frequency and kick drum that’s when the game is up. Stand out tracks include ‘Roger Milla’, the 1990 World Cup Cameroonian football star renowned for his goal scoring celebrations, and the namesake for the infectious Afro/Breaks offering from Madox.

Respected amongst his peers and listeners, Pathaan’s early-career saw him rapidly move from 250 capacity clubs to crowds of 15,000 people; evolving from early days at the legendary club Anokha alongside Talvin Singh, to being David Bowie’s ‘Earthling’ tour support DJ. Ever eclectic, he has amped up and projected his ‘Globetronica’ ethos from ‘Skol Beats’ speakers in Brazil, Samothraki in Greece and sound systems at the Jaipur Heritage Festival’ in India. His un-relinquishing thirst for new music has flung him around European festivals and the UK club circuit, allowing no time for breathers as he became a regular face in Ibiza. A producer, radio presenter, DJ, music critic / writer and label manager of Globetronica, Liquid Sound & Dragonfly Records, there’s no disputing the many strings to be found on Pathaan’s bow.

Supperclub Beauty | Compiled & Mixed by Pathaan July 2008 United Recordings [SC003]

CD One:
1. Winona – The White Room
2. Donso – Waati
3. David Lowe’s Dreamcatcher – Inside
4. Jong – Conversation Celeste
5. Pan Electric – Sheshamani Shuffle
6. Tripswitch – Tachyon (Codemonkey’s Cosmic Rumba Remix)
7. Francesco Tristano – The Melody (c2 Remix)
8. Lanoiraude feat Fania – Mbife
9. Octogen – Sunset Over Tao
10. Bardo State – Seneca (Pathaan’s Dirty Dancer Mix)
11. Vieux Farka Toure – Ana (Goonda Tribal Dub)
12. Nacho Sotomayor – Wonderful Moments
13. Ganga – 1000 Years Old
14. Al-Pha-X – The Oddity Interval (Mad Mix)
15. Blue States – Allies
CD Two:
1. DJ Disse – Break On Through
2. Trans-Global Underground – Emotional Yoyo
3. Los Chicharrons – Ma Do Nar (Remix)
4. The Beat Nation feat Cheb Hamid – Mektoub
5. Munty – Delhi To Detroit
6. Anil Chawla & Dale Anderson – Table 5
7. Aurtas – Strange World Pt. 1
8. Roland Klinkenberg – Mexico Can Wait
9. J Hazen – 700ft (Beta Remix)
10. Gui Boratto – Beautiful Life
11. Paul Leonard-Morgan – Seen From The Outside
12. Redlounge Orchestra – Aerer
13. Red Seal – Cool Down
14. Kenneth Bager feat Julee Cruise – Fragment Seven…Les Fleurs

Supperclub – ‘Beauty’ is available to buy from Supperclub

Following on from ‘Arrogance’ and ‘Addiction’, Supperclub ‘Beauty’ is the third offering in the Amsterdam institution’s Nine Sins series. Each album is a collaboration between international DJs and rising new artistic talent, here represented by Pathaan and Neil Duerden respectively.

Pathaan is a London based DJ / producer / taste maker / label manager (Stoned Asia) and BBC Radio disc jockey who’s Indian/Pakistani roots influence his multi-genre, “outernational” musical sound. His first break came in 1996 when David Bowie heard him play and immediately offered him the support slot on his ‘Earthling Tour’, a residency at the Blue Note Café, courtesy of Talvin Singh, followed and ever since Pathaan has been globetrotting both physically and musically, entertaining crowds the world over.

For ‘Supperclub Beauty’ Pathaan has delivered a two CD mix of global bombs. CD one has a warm, profoundly deep feeling. From the first notes, the music touches you and makes you want to listen to the whole album in one go, like a good book that you simply cannot put aside. Chilled favourites Pan Electric, Bardo State and Tripswitch are all present and correct across the fifteen tracks of blissed-out beats.

On CD two Pathaan was given a blank canvas on which anything goes! He went flat out and the result is a unique mix including the dance-tinged world offerings of Trans-Global Underground; Los Chicharrons Latin infused electronica and Gui Boratto’s minimalist interpretations on ‘Beautiful Life’. Taking in world music, chill-out, ambient, breakbeat and tech-trance the second CD takes you on a journey to unknown destinations – as far as your mind will allow you to travel.

Artist Neil Duerden is a self confessed mac-monkey based near Manchester, whose previous clients have included Saatchi & Saatchi, Gucci, MTV, Chanel and Nike. His illustrations are a complex combination of hand-rendered elements from mixed media and photography, containing many layers. When looking at the work of art he made for ‘Supperclub Beauty’, the first reaction is curiosity and interest: we see a beautiful model in a beautiful surrounding, but when you look closer the secondary imagery comes into play: the demonic wings that have started to form, her red eyes, the insecure pose, all offer a juxtaposition to the beautiful theme. It is all about inner beauty versus outer beauty. In a world of total digital control and retouch artists, beauty in today’s age is not even skin-deep.


Globetronica 2 by Pathaan June 2009 [PLATCD200]

Room 1- Fusion Lounge:
01. Nitin Sawhney Ek Jaan – Cotti Remix
02. Nima Gorji – Happiness
03. Da Lata feat. Diabel Cissokho – This Is Not Your Job (Faze Action Remix)
04. Shri – Adrenalin
05. La Cherga – Down Domination Part 1 & 2
06. !DelaDap – Shukar Dijes
07. Dutch Rhythm Combo feat. Edu K – Disco Tropical
08. Simian Mobile Disco – I Got This Down (Invisible Conga People Remix)
09. Prithpal featuring Abi – Vakra Tunda
10. The Last Atlant – Anima Mundi (Original)
11. OHM-G feat. Hideyo – Akasha
12. Ocote Soul Sounds and Adrian Quesada – La Reja
13. Janaka Selekta – My World Room 2 – Eclectic Dance:
01. The Orb – Vuja De (Pathaan’s Musical Rickshaw Remix)
02. Stereo MC’s – Gringo (Pathaan’s Spaghetti Eastern Remix)
03. Mujava – Township Funk (Ashley Beedle’s Afrikanz On Marz Re-edit)
04. Santogold – L.E.S Artistes (Switch Remix)
05. Tigerstyle ft Vybz Kartel, Mangi Mahal & Nikitta – Balle! Shava! (Sinden Remix)
06. Daniel Haaksman feat. MC Jennifer – Whos Afraid Of Rio?
07. M.C Gringo feat. MC Binho – 1 Real (Stereo MCs Remix)
08. Duke Dumont – Hoy
09. Bikram Singh – Ik Waari Aaja (Bandish Projekt Come Back Mix)
10. Klute – Ashram
11. Me&You – Wouri River (Redeyes Mix)
12. Russkaja – Barabani

Globetronica 2 by Pathaan is available to buy from

Anyone familiar with the outernationalist sound will surely have heard of Pathaan; DJ, music aficionado and trans-global luminary, Globetronica 2 further builds on the success of this dance music hero as he further dissolves barriers – both musically and culturally – in a world where separation and pigeon-holing is fast becoming a practice of days gone by.

Across another two CD mix album, Pathaan re-imagines the utopian vision of a diverse night that celebrates music, represented and brought to life within a lovingly and thoughtfully crafted mix. ‘Globetronica’ saw Pathaan share his ideas in the form of Room 1 – Beats & D’n’Bass and Room 2 – Tech Breaks. This idea has been further realised on the second instalment of his sonic adventure: Room1 – fusion Lounge and Room 2 – Eclectic Dance. These two rooms not only offer a further reflection of the outernationalist sound, but also create an all-encompassing approach that will build on the Pathaan aesthetic in a way not seen before. Pathaan further entrenches the listener in a world of undiscovered music and sonic adventures and has done the hard work – digging, searching and creating – so you don’t have to.

By its very nature the release missions to create a vibe that is intercontinental in its approach, drawing from a worldwide pool of skilful producers and sounds from France, India, Austria, the Balkans and beyond, to truly encompass the global fusion that remains the driving force behind Pathaan’s love of assorted musical cultures and flavours. Pathaan aims to revamp his sound and reflect the ever-changing, global influence on modern musical cultures.

‘Room 1 – Fusion Lounge explores the ideas of musical synthesis and the nature of modern musical experience. True to its title, Room 1 dives straight in with a remix of Nitin Sawhney’s ‘Ek Jaan’ by respected Dubstep producer Cotti, setting the tone with one of modern music’s most adaptable and shape-shifting scenes. Further along Pathaan utilizes his modern Asian roots; gut wrenching bass and beats mix with traditional Indian instruments from Asian Underground Stalwart Shri, while Venetian !DelaDap offers a modern-gypsy folk sound skewed with dance aesthetics and an addictive bass and beats combo. It’s followed up by a wonderful remix of SMD’s ‘I got this Down’, cementing the rooms tendency to explore the very essence of modern, eastern-soaked music’s and how they have spread from continent to continent.

‘Room 2 – Eclectic Dance sees Pathaan dive in with a collection of highly loved and respected artists, weaving a vast soundscape of the most popular electronic producers in the world, stamped with his own eastern warmth, love for rhythm and melody and confident eclecticism. With his own interpretation of sonic marauders The Orb’s ‘Vuja De’, the Switch remix of Sant-e-gold’s burgeoning ‘L.E.S ARTISTES’, a globe-trotting Pathaan trek of the Stereo MC’s ‘Gringo’, Ashley Beedles ‘Afrkanz on Marz’ re-edit of Mujava’s outstanding ghetto-tech anthem ‘Township Funk’ and Klute’s Eastern inspired d’n’b licks in ‘Ashram’ all included, Pathaans skill of selecting and presenting a healthy mix of ‘outernational’ sounds and club rocking anthems is ever apparent on the more jugular-grabbing CD2, covering everything from baile funk to balkan-ska and beyond along the way.

Respected amongst his peers and listeners, Pathaan’s early-career saw him rapidly move from 250 capacity clubs to crowds of 15,000 people; evolving from early days at the legendary club Anokha alongside Talvin Singh, to being David Bowie’s ‘Earthling’ tour support DJ. Ever eclectic, he has amped up and projected his ‘Globetronica’ ethos from ‘Skol Beats’ speakers in Brazil, Samothraki in Greece and sound systems at the Jaipur Heritage Festival’ in India. His un-relinquishing thirst for new music has flung him around European festivals and the UK club circuit, allowing no time for breathers as he became a regular face in Ibiza. A producer, radio presenter, DJ, music critic / writer and label manager of Globetronica, Liquid Sound & Dragonfly Records, there’s no disputing the many strings to be found on Pathaan’s bow.

Musical Rickshaw with Pathaan March 2011 [CLS 0002342]

CD 1
01. Warrior One – King Riddim
02. ill.Gates & Ana Sia – Extraordinary Rendition
03. Blocks – Tangier
04. Midland – Play The Game
05. Tafuri – Rugged
06. Riz MC – Get On It (True Tiger Remix)
07. Detboi – Voices In Heaven
08. Baaba Maal – Miracle (The Very Best Remix)
09. Cornershop – Brimful Of Asha – (12″ Bosom Mix By The Naked Ape)
10. Mimosa – Pandora
11. OMFO – Arabesque
12. Dub Terror – Shinobi
13. Laya Project – Sunrise In Injumbakam (Pathaan’s Tribute Remix)
14. DJ Drez – Path To Light
CD 2
01. Mighty Mouse – Movement 5
02. PrOmid – Destiny (Original Radio Edit)
03. Culprit 1 – Screamer
04. Gaudi – Oud We Think We Are
05. Francois Le Roy – Taj Mahal
06. Malente & Dex – Habibi (Shir Khan Remix)
7. Matthias Vogt – Accelerator
08. Minimow – Bollyhouse (SIS Remix)
09. Om Unit – Searching (Adam Freeland Remix)
10. Ancient Astronauts – Lost In Marrakesh (Pathaan’s Mirage Mix)
11. Klute – Knowing How To Get There
12. Nuphlo – Karma Than Calm
13. Bandish Projekt – Waiting

Musical Rickshaw with Pathaan is available to buy from

Pathaan is a London based DJ / producer / taste maker / label manager and BBC Radio disc jockey whose Indian/Pakistani roots influence his multigenre, “Globetronica” musical sound. His first break came in 1996 when David Bowie heard him play and immediately offered him the support slot on his ‘Earthling Tour’, a residency at the Blue Note Café , courtesy of Talvin Singh, followed and ever since Pathaan has been globetrotting both physically and musically, entertaining crowds the world over.

For ‘Musical Rickshaw with Pathaan’, this specialist has delivered a two CD soundtrack of earth shaking bass, boom-bastic eclectic world beats & ecstatic dance rhythms. It’s a true reflection of his BBC radio show and sounds nothing like any of his previous mix compilations, in that it’s very much his sound of now!

CD1 has a warm welcoming bass shaking vibe that’s profoundly deep. From the first notes, the music touches you and makes you want to listen to the whole album in one go, like a good book that you simply cannot put aside. Ranging from known to unknown artists CD1 features upfront killa cuts from the likes of Warrior One, Riz MC, Detboi, Baaba Maal, Cornershop, OMFO , Dubterror, Midland, True Tiger and more.

On CD2 whilst we have more of the same, it’s very different to CD1 in sound and style. Featuring Mighty Mouse, Culprit 1,Shir Khan, Om Unit, Ancient Astronauts, Adam Freeland, Klute, Bandish Projekt; the list goes on.

In short, in your possession, you have a champion eclectic selection of sounds. Where outer musical margins, across many genres cross pollinate and merge into one musical strand and become a musical language unique to Pathaan, But PLEASE don’t take our word for it. Judge for yourself and having had a listen, no doubt you’ll embrace the upfront musical range and style !!!!


Pathaan's Playlist - Ibiza July 2011 I-Label [ILABELCD19]

1. Kemek – Certain Frequencies
2. The 2 Bears – Church (Midland Remix)
3. Flavius Etcheto – Solaz (Orginal)
4. Martin Dawson & Glimpse – No One Belongs Here More Than You (Ewans Balearos Maximos Remix)
5. David Lynch – Good Day Today (Diskjokke Remix)
6. Munty – Changing Times
7. Flowers And Sea Creatures – A.M. (Ewan Pearson Re-Edit)
8. Coyote – Too Hard (Aeroplane Remix)
9. Proviant Audio – Hey, Let’s Do It! (Jay Shepheard Mix)
10. Bubble Club – The Goddess
11. Ursula 1000 – This Magick (Balearic Chugger Version)
12. Max Essa – Feel It In Your Body
13. International Observer – House Of The Rising Dub (Danny Howells Remix)
14. Al-Pha-X – Finally Free [Pathaan’s Space Mix]

Pathaan’s Playlist – Ibiza is available to download from itunes. Watch the promo video on Youtube or listen on Soundcloud.

Representing the must-have playlists from International iconic DJ & Globetronica Guru, Pathaan; launching with his current uber chic Ibiza Playlist. Revered over the airwaves with an International festival following with an incredible worldwide reputation for finding the most intoxicating seamless sounds that reach beyond any musical boundaries guarantees Pathaan’s Playlist surpasses superb. The ultimate sophisticated collection of everything cool that can only be Ibiza, Pathaan’s Playlist is pure eclectic exotic electronica.

Luxuriously packaged on CD and including a bonus SPECIAL stellar mix from Pathaan with the download, Pathaan’s Ibiza Playlist is the quintessential statement of style featuring some huge names!!!!

Artists on Stoned Asia Music

Stoned Asia Music truly represents the diversity of Kickin Records. The vehicle of world-renowned DJ and producer Pathaan it showcases the best in Asian dance and world beats.

Cosmic Rocker ¦ Mirrors and Windows Sept 2003 Stoned Asia [SARCD013]

Stoned Asia Music as a concept is five years old, and having thus far released extremely collectable compilations and great sounds from around the globe the time has finally come to release exclusive original artist led music to the globe. Therefore when Cosmic Rocker delivered this album, it was inevitable the first artist album would be released.

Sasha Crnobrnja (pronounced ‘Sir-no-burn-jah’), aka Cosmic Rocker became interested in drumming and DJ’ing and at age 20 and began studying drumming with master percussionist Cosimo Lampis of Brainticket. While at the same time, being heavily influenced for days to come, by the ‘cosmic’ scene, a little known movement of a mixture of musical styles that had its origins in Italy in the 70s. In 1993 Sasha moved to New York and soon co-founded Organic Grooves.

Prior to 911, Pathaan was frequenting New York every month and it was during this time their friendship spawned. Hence while producing ‘Mirrors and Windows’, Sasha felt it was a project suitable for ‘Stoned Asia Music’, with tracks like ‘Occasionally Modified’ featured on ‘Pathaan’s Small World’ and ‘Liquid Medium’ on ‘Stoned Asia Music Edition 4’.

Cosmic Rocker, the man behind Codek and the Organic Grooves parties in NYC has already been asked whether this music can be categorized? You could say ‘file under: Trip Hop, Leftfield, Cosmic or Asian/World’ but we won’t. The point is, this is uncategorizable by name but fits many comfortable niches by vibe whether it’s ‘Cobra’, ‘ Sugar’, ‘Occasionally Modified’ or any of the other quality tracks present here.

What we will say is, enjoy ‘Mirrors and Windows’ and do not forget the name ‘Cosmic Rocker’ and as a description you could call it, ‘sounds of the world with shaky bead stoned banjo slangin’ hippy flip flops with mad dub echoes’ or just plain and simple, proper ‘Stoned Asia Music’.

Cosmic Rocker ¦ Mirrors and Windows Sept 2003 Stoned Asia [SARCD013]

1. Occasionally Modified
2. Sugar
3. Cobra
4. Liquid Medium
5. Subtle Variations
6. Spotlight (Edit)
7. Mirrors and Windows
8. Square Footage
9. Multi Level Rooms
10 Sandblasted

Karunesh ¦ Punjab Nov 2002 Stoned Asia Music [SAR012]

Stoned Asia Music as a concept is five years old and still going strong, and having thus far released extremely collectable compilations and collecting great sounds from around the globe the time has finally come to release exclusive original artist led music to the globe.

As well as A&R for Stoned Asia Music, Pathaan is an award winning DJ, producer & contributor to dance music bible DJ Magazine, host of London’s finest multicultural nights such as Swaraj & Audiosutra (days gone by) and Orchestral World Groove @ Cargo and Stoned Asia Music @ Market Place nowadays; an all round muso with his finger on the pulse of modern world beat scene.

Therefore when ‘Punjab’ by Karunesh was liscensed for Pathaan’s compilation series, ‘Stoned Asia Music Edition 4’ having already been featured by ‘Claude Challe’ on the ‘Buddha Bar’ series, Pathaan felt the track should be revisited and released on vinyl with the original.

Karunesh has been living in Hawaii for the last decade, but his cradle was in Cologne, Germany. After a near fatal accident he was hovering between life and death for 2 weeks. This experience started off his spiritual journey, leading to India where he lived in an ‘ashram’. Musicians from all over the world came and Karunesh developed the ability to weave different styles and feelings into his sound of rhythmic atmospheres.

So, with the original on the A-Side you have the ‘Orchestral World Groove club mix’. It had to happen. Pathaan has hooked up with a like minded artist, ‘Gaudi’ and formed ‘Orchestral World Groove’ (2 years ago), that have actually signed to Music For Dreams and will be releasing their debut sometime next year. Here they have kept the structure of the track intact and gone straight for the dance floor.

On the flip, ‘Chiller Twist’ who recently gained much acclaim for remixing Solid Sessions’s Janeiro on Positiva turns in a deep tech-house version which will no doubt also see dance floor action. To close the package ‘Orchestral World Groove’ provide a radio-friendly version.

With Test Pressings already sent out to a few discerning DJs, this 12″ has already been ‘Chill-Out’ tune of the week on Ali B’s Capital Radio show on Friday 30th August and played by RobDaBank on his ‘Blue Room’ show on BBC Radio 1 on Saturday 14th September as well as Imran Khan on BBC London Live on Friday 6th September and being championed by Pathaan, Chris Coco, Mixmaster Morris and also Ricard Dorfmeister to name a few.

The original track by far is one of the most heart rendering tracks you’ll ever hear in your lifetime, if you’re into ‘ethnic’ sounds; and with the remixes present, just sit back and glisten or get on the dancefloor. Pure class !

Karunesh ¦ Punjab Nov 2002 Stoned Asia Music [SAR012]

A1. Original Mix
A2. Orchestral World Groove Club Mix
B1. Chiller Twist Mix
B2. Orchestral World Groove Radio Mix

Spy From Cairo ¦ An Eye on the World Feb 2004 Stoned Asia [SARCD014]

1. Steppin’ Out
2. Ride My Camel
3. Spacewalk (Vocal hooks by Smadar Levi)
4. Under the Tree
5. Don’t Panic I’m Islamic
6. All the Beautiful Machines
7. The Ballad
8. More
9. International (Vocal hooks by Smadar Levi)
10. Zindagi (Vocals by Alook Mehta)
11. Steppin’ In

Spy From Cairo ¦ An Eye on the World Feb 2004 Stoned Asia [SARCD014]

Written and recorded in Zeb’s home studio in the Lower East side of Manhattan during the Winter of 2002/3. Spy From Cairo’s ‘An Eye On The World’ album is a melting pot brimming over with intense emotion and feeling.

Zeb says “I started working on ‘Don’t Panic I’m Islamic’ about two days after the World Trade Centre disaster (I don’t want to use the word ‘terror’ because I’m sick of hearing it!) and I used that title as an ironic protest against the crazy people who went around harassing and sometimes even killing innocent American Middle-Easterners in retaliation for the Towers… every song that I wrote on this album after ‘Don’t Panic I’m Islamic’ was part of my healing process… because I’m not American, I’m not English, I’m not Egyptian and I’m not Italian – I’m a citizen of the World.”

Ikarus ¦ Touched the Sun / Praying to Different Gods May 2003 Stoned Asia Music [SAR015]

A. Touched the Sun
AA. Praying to Different Gods

Ikarus Touched the Sun / Praying to Different Gods May 2003 Stoned Asia Music [SAR015]

Austrian resident Wolfgang Stindl started working on his Ikarus project back in 1995 after years of studying and performing live. Inspired by vast journeys and a great variety of ethnic music, Ikarus started to combine his Electronic chill out tracks with sounds & vocals from all over the globe. With the assistance of in 1999, Ikarus got the chance to reach a wider audience and to work together with musicians over the Internet and to sell his CDs globally.

Encouraged by the incredible feedback from listeners and excellent chart positions on, Ikarus released his official debut album titled ‘Touch The Sun’ on Sonic Images Records / Earthtone Records in January 2001. Both ‘Touched The Sun’ and ‘Praying To Different Gods’ have been licensed exclusively to Stoned Asia Music and have featured on Pathaan’s Small World and the forthcoming Stoned Asia Vol. 5 compilation. This very collectable 12” reflects the true intentions of the Stoned Asia Music label in bringing the best in the contemporary ‘World Music’ genre to the masses.

Sure to be a firm favourite at The Big Chill & Ibiza, throughout the summer getting huge response from chillers like Bruno (Café del Mar), Jonathan Sa Tricha, and Phil Mison. Ikarus has also remixed One Giant Leap (feat. Robbie Williams & Maxi Jazz) for Palm Pictures while ‘Praying to Different Gods’ features on the movie soundtrack to ‘The Matrix – Revisited’ (starring Keanu Reeves) on Warner Bros. Ikarus has had tracks featured on a number of compilations and has also featured on various Bravo marketing documentaries and the fabulously titled Bikini Karate Babes computer game!