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Pathaan's Small World

May 2003

Stoned Asia Music [SARCD009]

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Pathaan's Small World SARCD009 Tracklisting:
Disc One:
1. Sugar B - Landrover
2. Infernal - Mizkett
3. Platform - August Moon
4. Kalahari Bushmen - Looking Back (Bob Holroyd
5. Fifth Sun - Kamaterie
6. Le Duc - Paccaya
7. Buddha Finga - Manyana
8. Ikarus - Shiva (Indian Goddess Edit)
9. Out of Phase - The Meaning Escapes
10. The Rootsman - Exodus
11. Jah Wobble & The Temple of Sound - Mountains
     of the Moon
12. Mere Mortals - Last
Disc Two:
1. The Dum Dum Project - Hey Diwani Hey Diwani
2. Shpongle - Room 23
3. Zohar - Ehad
4. Nickodemus - Desert Dancer (Zeb's Camel Ride
5. Cosmic Rocker - Occasionally Modified
6. Farid - DC Masala
7. Organic Grooves - Nomadic Future
8. The Spy From Cario - Don't Panic I'm Islamic
9. Radar - Caravane
10. Kiril - Hereafter
11. Gaudi - Sufani
12. Feel Good Productions - The Feel Good Vibe Time

Pathaan's Small World is available to buy from Kickin Music Ltd.

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Here sees the release of the first instalment of the 24 track mixed ‘Small World’ project, which takes the label beyond the Asian-influenced beat, to encompass influences from all over the world, creating a truly global musical blueprint.

TIMEOUT - Anything and everything is just the kind of playlist an inexperienced DJ can make a pigs’ ear out of however silky the source material, but Pathaan has repeatedly shown how it’s done on the decks and on discs; last year’s ‘SmallWorld’ (Stoned Asia Music’) compilation was a gem, probably the finest globally inspired collection of the year.    Dave Swindells

MUZIK - An excellent mix of cool global beats and beyond.    Phil Mison

Muzik Magazine - Lovely atmospheric music - Pathaan's unique vision taking us somewhere new and exciting - with his Global Beats style he's really found a new groove.    Chris Mellor

RHYTHM, USA & Wax Magazine - Small World takes the progressive sound of Pathaan and Stoned Asia Music to it's natural conclusion. Somehow managing to retain his unique vibe whilst seamlessly traversing the plains of Africa and deserts of the Middle East, Pathaan's deeply atmospheric mix proves once again that global dance holds the key to the future.    Phil Meadley

DJ MAGAZINE - Pathaan’s shrunk the world not the beats on this, his post Stoned Asia adventures. His net has been cast even further across the globe and the result is a very satisfying mix of downtempo beats and uplifting grooves. Managing to avoid the ‘new age’ pitfall, ‘SmallWorld’ really does capture something very special. CD one comes loaded with ‘Discerning Blunts’, including Mere Mortals, Buddha Finger, Kalahari Bushmen and the soul lifting ‘Shiva’ from Ikarus. CD two ‘Uplifting Blunts’ is magic stuff. Organic Grooves, Radar, Gaudi and Feel Good Productions rub alongside my personal favourites Swiss born Cosmic Rocker. At last, world music without the ‘worldy’ tag. Bring on the global groove!    Kate Wiseblood

MUZIK – Pathaan continues to spread his world beat message with this new double CD compilation. CD1 is ‘Discerning Beats’, a downtempo selection featuring the classic ‘Mizkett’ by Infernal and Buddha Finga’s ‘Manyana’. CD2 is ‘Uplifting Blunts’, a more uptempo selection featuring the excellent ‘Sufani’ by Gaudi. If you’re a Stoned Asia Music fan, this is a excellent purchase.    Phil Mison

BIG CHILL - Time was when Monday nights at the Dogstar played host to something completely different to Chilli Dog or Sofa So Good – Pathaan’s now legendary Stoned Asia nights, which have subsequently moved onto a number of pastures new. These days, Pathaan puts on nights in East as well as SW London, with international residencies in Italy, New York, Barcelona and Ibiza (and not forgetting the odd appearance at festivals such as The Big Chill’s fifth Enchanted Garden). No wonder the marketing executives at Sony et al have been pumping out those ghastly ‘Global Chillout’ compilations. It truly is an international business these days. But of course there is Global, and there is global, the two faces of our shrinking world. One represents the increasing homogenisation of our culture – in reality, the domination of Western norms – and the other an ever-expanding openness to new cultural forms and hybrids. Needless to say, it is to the latter category that ‘Pathaan’s Small World’ belongs. Divided across two CDs, ‘Discerning Blunts’ and ‘Uplifting Blunts’, it is a thoroughly eclectic and wide-ranging mix that ranges far beyond the confines of the UK. As a result there is nothing here that suffers from over-familiarity; it contains nine exclusive tracks amongst its twenty-four (many of them recent signings to Pathaan’s Stoned Asia music label). Indeed, with the exception of Zohar, Jah Wobble, and Organic Grooves, few of the artists included here mean much to me at all. Several of them, however, look likely to become better known: Infernal, for example, whose ‘Mizkett’ is a truly gorgeous track with ‘chill out classic’ written all over it. There are also fine tracks from The Rootsman, Farid and Radar that shows just how much talent exists in this field for those who care to look. Ranging freely across Indian, Arabic, African and New Age sounds, this is somewhat in the mould of the earlier Buddha Bar mixes – back when they were fresh – although Pathaan has a taste for ethnic dub in place of the Buddha crew’s leanings towards house and lounge. Atmospheric, evocative and unobtrusively mixed, ‘Pathaan’s Small World’ is a more than worthy addition to the world of global chill.    Freddie B

BPM – The strength of this two CD mix set is it cohesion - a United Nations of down tempo or the Lonely Planet lounge, if you will. Through disc 1, Discerning Blunts, and onto disc 2, uplifting Blunts, Pathaan melds together beats influenced by African, Middle Eastern, Asian, more ambiguous, and as yet undiscovered music from forgotten realms, mesmerizing and beautiful spirit chants and more modern funky flavours. It’s a neo-retro world beat extravaganza!!! Most magical is leaving the discs on repeat – forever circumnavigating the globe – never finding them tiresome and discovering something new with each listen. Few CDs can make that promise and are as richly rewarding as Pathaan’s SmallWorld.    Yuri Wuensch

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