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Stoned Asia Boxed Set 3CD

April 2001

Stoned Asia Music [SARCD007]

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Stoned Asia Boxed Set 3CD SARCD007 Tracklisting:
Disc One:
1. Govinda - Eclipse
2. Fruit Loop - 17th Century Girl
3. Nitin Sawhney - Bengali Song
4. Black Star Liner - Yemen Cutta Connection
5. MC Sultan - Der Bauch (Mental Challenge Mix)
6. Cornershop - We're In Your Corner (Clinton Mix)
7. Sangeet Sagar - Country & Eastern
8. Asian Dub Foundation - Charge (Sherwood Dub)
9. Zohar - Surrender
10. Djaimin - Hindu Lover (Hindumental Mix)
11. Timewaia - Untitled
12. Pathaan - The Arrival
Disc Two:
1. Solar Spirit - Asiatronic
2. The Dum Dum Project - Air India
3. Eddyin' Current, the Sea Floor - Something
4. Deepak Ram - Night in Lenasia
5. Thievery Corporation - Transcendence
6. Avatars of Dub - Codeword: Mantra
7. dZihan & Kamien - Ahmet Bont
8. Gaudi - Heaven
9. Hibiki R.A - My Dear Masters
10. Nitin Sawhney - Nadia
11. Alien Soap Opera - Voladores [B.L.I.M. Remix]
12. Musafir - Ninerli
Disc Three:
1. Cantoma & Pathaan - Call
2. Bob Holroyd - Different Space
3. Thievery Corporation - One
4. Solar Spirit - Haunting
5. Desmond - Theme from a Dream
6. Euphoria - Delirium (State Of Bengal Delhi Rias)
7. Nicola Conte - Dossier Omega
8. Ursula 1000 - That Hindu That You Do
9. Chris Joss & His Orchestra - Bombay by Bus
10. Dum Dum Project - Hey Diwani Hey Diwana
11. Indian Ropeman - Sunshine of Your Love
12. Big Yoga Muffin - Is That How You Get Off?
13. Bally Sagoo - Noorie
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Additions 1 to 3 brought together within this timeless classic release!!!

XLR8R – The Stoned Asia Music box set collects the three previously released Stoned Asia editions, a mix of ‘authentic sounds that blends rhythmic Asian chants, ambient grooves and beats’. Thirty-seven tracks from 1996 to the present - including ones by well-known artists such as Cornershop, Asian Dub Foundation, Thievery Corporation and Bally Sagoo – are included. Every tempo from blunted to Bhangra is represented with vocalists warbling and tables, zithers, gamelans and all sorts of exotic instrumentation looping through the mix of mellow breakbeats. For everyone who gets off on sitars more than guitars, STONED ASIA MUSIC will be heaven, but for god’s sake, buy no less than half-ounce of weed, because with three discs, you’re in for one long, droning night.    Tony Ware

MUZIK – A lavish box set containing the first three Stoned Asia Music compilations. Lovingly compiled by Pathaan, this collection covers all corners of contemporary Asian –influenced music, featuring among others Dzihan & Kamien, Thievery Corporation, Black Star Liner and Pathaan’s own Solar Spirit project. Highly recommended.    Phil Mison

7Magazine – To those unfamiliar with Pathaan’s sublimely chilled Stoned Asia Music series, this three CD boxset represents some serious homework. A compilation of volumes 1 to 3 in the series, and in keeping with Pathaan’s vision of a modern Asian sound, tracks with an Eastern influence range from chants to ambient pieces, to down tempo lounge vibes through to beats and percussion. Fair enough to assume that a three-CD blitz in one sitting might be a little hard to hack for the uncommitted listener, but it proves a surprisingly enjoyable experience such is the variety and quality of tracks included (Cornershop, Asian Dub Foundation, Bally Sagoo) as per usual it’s the lesser lights that provide the hidden gems. Of the many highlights, MC Sultan’s classic ‘Der Bauch’ is included in its ‘mental challenge’ form. The wide screen down tempo of Cantoma (featuring Pathaan) is an exercise in horizontal chillage, as is Bob Holroyd’s outstanding ‘A Different Space’. With artists of the standard of Nitin Sawhney and Thievery Corporation providing multiple contributions, it gives an apt illustration of the talent lurking within, with a finer collection of ambient beatage hard to imagine.    Alex Moran 5/5

DJ Magazine – Pathaan’s claim for global domination continues with his three CD Boxset of the entire ‘Stoned Asia’ compilation series. It’s beautiful reflection of the contemporary Asian music scene you’ll wanna make room for. With an eye on ambient grooves, rhythmic chants and global beats, Cornershop, Nitin Sawhney, Bally Sagoo, Thievery Corporation, Asian Dub Foundation and many others lay down how it’s gonna be. A welcome education in three parts. With Pathaan’s passion and Stoned Asia style, this lovingly produced compilation is sunshine in a box. Go bathe!!!!!    

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