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DJ Pathaan presents Stoned Asia

June 1999

Kickin Records [KICKCD87]

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DJ Pathaan presents Stoned Asia KICKCD87 Tracklisting:
1. Govinda - Eclipse
2. Fruit Loop - 17th Century Girl
3. Nitin Sawhney - Bengali Song
4. Black Star Liner - Yemen Cutta Connection
5. MC Sultan - Der Bauch (Mental Challenge Mix)
6. Cornershop - We're In Your Corner (Clinton Mix)
7. Sangeet Sagar - Country & Eastern
8. Asian Dub Foundation - Charge (Sherwood Dub)
9. Zohar - Surrender
10. Djaimin - Hindu Lover (Hindumental Mix)
11. Timewaia - Untitled
12. Pathaan - The Arrival
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Released June 1999 - The year Pathaan received ‘innovator of the year’ award at the Ibiza DJ Awards

Wax Magazine – Pathaan is responsible for one of the finest nights in South London, AirSwaraj, an oasis of ambient, eclectic and oriental grooves. Of course, his collection of tracks reflects his own wealth of influences both musically and culturally, blending elements of his English upbringing and Pakistani culture into a journey that will please the ears of those into that dreaded term, ‘world music’, as well as the clubber in search of something easy but interesting to chill to. ‘Bengali Song’, by Nitin Sawhney, combines a haunting Asian prayer chant with futuristic electronica in such a beautiful way, that once you hear it, you’ll simply never forget it. It’s followed by a more upbeat tempo from Black Star Liner, with ‘Yemen Cutta Connection’, the Asian’s answer to Latin house, maybe! Zohar’s ‘surrender’ feels like it was made in a hot, tropical, unspoilt Thai Island. Also included is Asian Dub Foundation ‘Charge’ (Sherwood Dub) and Pathaan’s own ‘The Arrival’, which transports us back into a city, it’s rush hour traffic time, it’s sunny and everyone’s out on the streets, cruising man.    Claire Wyburn

Time Out London – Club-album crossovers don’t necessarily have to be brimming with exclusive remixes; they just need lots of character. Which is why this compilation works so well, binging together cross-cultural dance fusions from Nitin Sawhney’s classily jazzy ‘Bengali Song’ to the full-on festival flavour of Asian Dub Foundation and Sangeet Sagar’s wry ‘Country And Eastern’. Cornershop remix themselves on ‘We’re In Your Corner’ and Zohar’s ‘Surrender’ is a spirited drum’n’bass workout. The only downside of this is that you may already own several of the featured tracks. Otherwise it’s accessible, lively and definitely recommended.    Dave Swindells

DJ Magazine – Gorgeous global beats from Pathaan, one-time co-promoter of Swaraj at the Blue Note, now global traveller and currently resident in Ibiza. Ranges from funky drum & bass, dubby breakbeat and mellow grooves, all underpinned with a subtle Asian influence. Perfect sunset / sundown music.    Claire Hughes

Select Magazine – An inventory of Asian dance music, there’s the usual (Black Star Liner, Cornershop, ADF) and the less famous (MC Sultan, Sangett Sagar, Djaimin). Think tables, sitar action, hiphop, funk and Adrian Sherwood. Building up slowly and strangely – see the odd percussion on Fruit Loop’s ‘17th Century Girl’ – by the time you hit Zohar’s smokey ‘Surrender’, the urge to make crap curry jokes will be long gone.    3/5

7 Magazine - With a tour with Bowie, a successful Swaraj club night and an award for being 1997’s most innovative DJ (as governed by DJ Awards, Ibiza), Pathaan is well equipped to take us on a journey through Asian inspired ambient beats, grooves and charts. Cornershop, Asian Dub Foundation and Black Star Liner are some of the more well known faces on here, but all the tracks stand up quality-wise. Basically this is music made for smoking bluntz to, or alternatively you could do what they get up to in northern Sweden, which is to dip a tampon in the local Schnapps and insert it up your Philip Glass (I kid you not). Either way kick back and soak it up.    Rennie Pilgrem 4.5/5

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