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Pathaan's Universal Sunset

July 2005

Altura Music [ALTURACD3]

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Pathaan's Universal Sunset ALTURACD3 Tracklisting:
1. B-Tribe - The Sun
2. Mylo - Emotion 98.6
3. Ikarus - History Has Taught Us Nothing
4. The Urban Underground Society - Hey Ya
    (Technova Mix)
5. Apache Indian - Om Numah Shivaya
6. Dirty Vegas - Simple Things
7. Jeff Bennett’s Lounge Experience - Dreams
8. Crazy Penis - You’ve Lost That Feeling
9. Thievery Corporation - Exilio
10. Plant Life - When She Smiles She Lights The
     Sky (4 Hero Remix)
11. Khaled - Didi
12. Deep Dive Corporation - Summertime
13. Afterlife - Speck of Gold (Universal Sunset Mix)
1. Heather Nova - Aquamarine (Chris Coco’s
    Balearica Mix)
2. Hawke - Mass
3. Tominaga feat. Balu Ragurman - Maresias
4. Baaba Maal - Fa Laay Fanaan (Afrikanz On Marz
5. Seelenluft - Manila (Cicada Remix)
6. Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (Ewan Pearson
    Extended Remix)
7. Max Sedgley - Devil Inside (Kraak & Smaak
8. Uptown Connection - System Senegal
9. Rachid Taha - Rock El Casbah
10. Dreadzone - Booty Line
11. Shpongle - Dorset Perception
12. Aphex Twin - Analogue Bubblebath1
13. AM and UV - Wonderful Beautiful

Universal Sunset is available to buy from

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This summer Pathaan releases his third CD in the stunning Sunset series released by the Ministry of Sound backed label Altura. Universal Sunset follows the success of both Indian Sunset and Global Sunset. Universal Sunset however is probably the most personal to Pathaan. The Universal brief gave him an entirely exceptional creative opportunity after years of refining his own niche sound. Compilations like The Stoned Asia series and Indian Sunset clearly established Pathaan’s knowledge of the Asian underground, while World Peace, Small World and Global Sunset showcased Pathaan at his eclectic best. ‘Universal Sunset’ is the album Pathaan has been waiting to create, an album without borders or rules, just a Universal sunset and sunrise.

The journey from Indian Sunset via Global Sunset into Universal Sunset was specifically designed by Pathaan to smooth the way for him to express his interest in a broader musical palette. The inclusion of Dirty Vegas, Crazy Penis and Depeche Mode alongside Baaba Maal however is going to raise more than few eyebrows. Undeterred Pathaan has created a mix unconfined by any specific stylistic or racial stereotypes or expectations. Universal Sunset is the moment Pathaan can be seen in his purest light, simply as an exceptional DJ. It’s clear when you listen to both CD’s how far Pathaan has come over the last decade. Universal Sunset perfectly expresses a Pathaans’ eclectic sensibility. Not that he is abandoning his musical roots, it’s just that he is expressing the breadth of his own taste. If you had tea with Pathaan this is the kind of music you’d get with it.

So the Globally inspired Pathaan is putting on his urban spaceman boots and showing his love for his dance music roots. If you are not on your feet during the Sunrise part of the mix then you have no feet. The skill that earned him his own arena at Skol Beats in Brazil really comes to the fore. To quote the man himself “ I am on a mission to take the sound to as many people as possible. I am on a personal mission to make the hair at the back of people’s neck stand up” Pathaan has always taken the unusual route around things. Their can’t be many DJ’s who get there first break supporting 70’s icon David Bowie or who have compiled such a comprehensive catalogue of exceptional releases from the underground days at Stoned Asia Music to the present day. Pathaan has big ideas for himself and has been loving his bi-weekly show on Ministry of Sound Radio. He has also been proving extremely popular with listeners around the globe. Like the man said music really is a means to strengthen and revitalise the spirit.

Click here to hear about the latest 'Sunset' CD release.

“Pathaan has busted out of the Asian music mold and treated his listeners to something different: a chill-out album that maintains the imaginative and eclectic Pathaan vibe, with an added urban global groove element.”

“Pathaan has the best thing a DJ can have, his own musical language” Max Reinhardt – Straight No Chaser/Songlines

“It is a true stand out amongst the sea of coffee table chill collections” Pete Tong - (Mixmag Album of The Month)

“Makes the world sound go down. Nice and easy” DJ MAG 4/5

'It drives me cleverly, insistently, irresistibly and compellingly into a state of dangerous calm" The Barefoot Doctor

"An absolutely great album" Tom Findlay, Groove Armada

"Pathaan comes up with another champion collection of tunes !" Rob Da Bank [BBC RADIO 1]

"A well balanced collection of tunes it's hard not to like" Eddy Temple Morris [XFM Radio]

"Nails the lie that a Balearic DJ like Pathaan is only about the chill." Carl Loben [DJ Magazine]

"Pathaan jumps out of the niche and crosses the Universe speaking a language everyone can understand. Brilliant !!! Notion Magazine

"Pathaan, the King of Asian Chill now turns his considerable talents towards a more Universal Sound. His previous albums mastered the sound of his culture, this one masters everything else - A sublime effort from a genre busting DJ" Bobby Friction [BBC Radio 1, BBC Asian Network]

"Pathaan takes us on a musical journey round the world and into outer space. Music to take you from the club dancefloor to the sunrise after-party" Chris Coco [BBC Radio 1]

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